View Full Version : Update From Insight CEO Michael Willner

09-10-06, 09:53 PM
Hi all!

We've had a very busy summer preparing for the launch of Broadband 2.0. Our technical staff has been pulling new fiber cables, splitting nodes, and doing all the other background work necessary for us to roll out our upgraded services. Meanwhile our product management team has developed their plans and the marketing and customer relations staffs are readying our communications to our customers.

I am posting this message to give the Broadband Reports community advance notice of some of our plans. Within the next several weeks, customers will be informed that late this year we will be increasing speeds for our standard service to levels that are unparalleled by our competition. It will be a very clear indication that we have listened to our customers and are providing them with the best and fastest Internet experience around. Other service enhancements will be announced as well. Best of all, there will be no increase in the retail price of Insight Broadband.

We steadfastly have continued to monitor this website and have made some of our decisions about 2.0 based on what you have said here. One thing we know for sure -- speed is very important to you. You may recall that our original intention was to raise download speeds by about 50% late this year and raise them again sometime next year. Upon further reflection, we decided to accelerate the timing of the second increase and combine the two speed increases into one.

Many of you have emailed me with your questions and suggestions. I deeply appreciate your input and would like to encourage you to continue to stay in contact with me. As a reminder, my email address is


I personally have been monitoring this site to understand, first-hand, what we can do to make your Insight Broadband the best it can be. Although I am often tempted to provide answers to comments posted here -- I really do like to cook chili but I don't know a transmission from an engine block http://i.dslr.net/v2/lite/wink.gif -- I will continue to respond directly to customers who have individual suggestions and questions and have emailed them to me.

Thanks for your continued business and loyalty. It won't be long before you get to experience a whole new level of service from Insight Broadband!

Now, I have no idea what speeds Insight will be offering. But I hope it will be "unparalleled" by what the competition is currently offering. I shall wait in eager anticipation. ;) Rumor mill says 10/1...but we'll see.