View Full Version : My CD Drive wont eject...

09-10-06, 09:48 PM
Ive tried going into My Computer and right-clicking on the drive and hitting "Eject" and that wont work either. Can someone help me?

09-10-06, 09:52 PM
Break out the paperclip!

09-10-06, 10:22 PM
Unfortunately your probably going to end up having to replace that drive. Once they start not opening you know its on its last leg. There are alot of mechanical parts inside of the cd drive, and once they stop working there isn't much you can do. You could probably have it repiared if you really wanted to, but it would probably cost the same as it would to just replace it. Be sure to do what YoS says though before you get rid of it. Take a paper clip (or someting the same size as one) and insert it into the little hole on the front of the drive. This will make the drive pop open so you can retrieve your cd.

09-10-06, 10:48 PM
There is little hole on the cd rom drive,try open it that way,if its not gonna open try it on different computer as a last resort and then RMA/or buy new one.