View Full Version : my gf's home computer (mmx 200 /32sdram)

09-09-06, 11:28 AM
my gf has at home an old Pentium MMX 200mHz with 32mb sdram computer

the m\b is with mmx technology and not a new age one, but it do has usb ports & ps2 ports for mouse and keyboard (this might say that even that the mobo is old...its not the oldest)

this box has a W.D caviar 890MB hard-drive.

i wanna upgrade her HD into a Western Digital Caviar 40GB drive i have laying around..

do you think the mobo of such box will accept a 40GB drive ?

and if it doesnt... is a bios upgrade will do the trick?

lol...any help appreciated :confused:



09-09-06, 11:34 AM
Wow, going back in the day with this setup!

Do you know the model of the motherboard?

09-09-06, 11:57 AM
Be a good bf and by her a new one.

09-09-06, 05:18 PM
lol CableDude - she dont need a new one, she's using mine :cry:

it's more like some home computer she uses once in two months to type some documents and check email...

ummm i'll check out the model of the mobo..

it has award bios.. need to check out which version

currently i know that it has some neat features for a usual mmx board (usb ports.... ps2 ports.... IR port... built in as a part of the mobo) cant remember my old mmx board back in the days could have a usb/ps2 port only maybe using an extension card and that wouldnt 100% work in all cases lol


09-09-06, 05:50 PM
Probably the Intel HX chipset....most likely a BIOS upgrade needed to see past the ......oh wow...I can't remember this far back.....but to see somewhere past the 8.4 gig barrier. Once past that..I believe the BIOS will realize a drive up to 40...but if you're running Windows 95...hmm....trying to remember...you may not see past 32 gigs...FAT32 limitation.

09-09-06, 05:54 PM
Yea it was about 8 and 32 GB for the 2 barriers. There's actually a silly little work around that most drives can use, these days. There is generally a special jumper setting called "Cylinder limitation" which you can use. Once you've set this, boot from the CD that comes w/ the IDE drive and follow the instructions..It'll prompt you to install some software called Easy_____ can't remember the 2nd word..anyway, install it and reinstall the OS afterward (you'll have to hit some special key to get it to boot from a floppy at the appropriate time, etc).

Another solution is to get a PCI IDE controller card at your favorite computer store..that'll be easier as it will not be dependant on a software solution that's hard to deal with.

09-10-06, 12:58 AM
hey mates!

checked the mobo, the only sig i found on it is AB-AXS,

tried to throw in the 40GB HD, the bios get stuck auto identifying it... so i guess it currently dont support it..

does any1 know what the AB-AXS board is all about? is a bios flash will help? (which one)

if if not, should i get an ide controller to fix that ?

gosh...me too cant remember a single thing about handling these old boxes...but i try ..lol :D

any help appreciated

b. regards!


09-10-06, 01:17 AM
controller for ISA? uff its gonna be hard to find no?
no VLBUS at all? Those one should be easyer.But they wasnt popular for too long.
Just get her new mobo with some low end cpu or even buy something from dell they are for sale for around 200 usd i think.
hmm sorry i dont know,buyng new cpu/mobo or whole new setup would be cheating hehe but i dont remember,sorry.

09-10-06, 01:26 AM
lol.... well if i would take this approch, i'de buy a whole new P4 2nd hand box and end this quickly ...heh...but for a box she uses once or two in a month it aint worth it...heh

that mobo has pci slots ;)

weird isnt it ? lol..

does a pci ide ata controller will solve this 40GB thing out?

09-10-06, 06:42 AM
ldoes a pci ide ata controller will solve this 40GB thing out?

You can bypass motherboard BIOS hard drive limitations by using PCI controller boards...yes. Guessing you're running 95b or 98...I'd just make a couple of 20 gig partiitons.