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a white rabbit
08-30-06, 10:10 PM
..lonely rabbit seeks others to compare notes and solutions on our erstwhile service provider, Smart WiFi Philippines

..sudden inexplicable disconnections, ul-dl go-slows, non-appearance of techies, installation delays, even credits and applause (roflmao), maybe the nice people at Speed.net can help, or tell us the words to use so we get the correct help from the Smart techie-fairy...

01-22-08, 02:58 AM
This thread is an old one. But I hope it help someone in the future.

Smart is one of the biggest Cell Phone provider in the Philippines and I think their profit exceeds their mother company which is PLDT.

Smart started their wireless witht he brand name Smart Bro. And immediately after that people started calling it Smart Broken. Then they re brand it and called it Smart Wireless but with the same crappy service. PLDT has its own DSL product with almost the same bad service.

Smart is a good cell phone provider but very bad when it comes to DSL.

10-17-11, 12:03 PM
Old Thread ! Old Issue ! Can't get out ! Lock for 2 years ! 2011 still Nothing Change ! F###... SmartBro !