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08-30-06, 07:10 PM
Just a note for other BT Broadband (UK) users using Anti virus or Spyware programs.

Some programs incorrectly diagnose pskill.exe which is in the Windows/Motive/BB directory as a hacker tool.
In fact this tool is installed by BT/Yahoo as part of the Helpdesk function, where users can get live realtime support.
Do not delete this file if you wish to get support in this manner. (Which, is very helpful and useful.)

Pskill.exe is used to remotely terminate programs in order that the engineers can assist in solving software problems with the installed bt software. Pskill is a 3rd party written application and is not a hacking tool.

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hi im new to this site,,

well i wish there sort my broadband speed out,iv been waiting 20days now for them to incress the ip line profile from 3000kbps to 6000kbps:mad::mad: