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08-29-06, 11:38 PM
I'm running MCE 2005 and all of a sudden it will not download my cable guide.It gives me a code 3 error. Also about the same time, My disk defrag stopped working. It just sits there for a min and saus "Not Responding". I have over 200Gb of free space left and I also have 3 megs of ram installed. I have ran several spy programs and my antivirus program and nothing was found. I ran the error checking on C drive also. My computer seems overall a little slower than usual. My machine is 3.4ghz, 3megs of ram running windows xp home media center edition. As far as the guide download, It said code 3 was either corrupt drivers or not enough memory.I know its not a memory problem because i have over 2.5megs free with everything running. It says to delete the drivers and reinstall them but i can't find just the drivers for MCE in my device manager.Have no idea why the defrag stopped. Any help would be great!!

09-01-06, 03:11 AM
I guess nobody had any idea how to fix my problem since nobody replied to my post.Maybe i have posted to many problems lately for anyone to care! Anyway,:) I found the problem and i'm not sure how this fixed it. Maybe someone could explain it to me. After going over all the services on my wife's computer, I noticed her BITS was set to Local System and mine was set to Network System. I changed my BITS to Local System and everything started working ok. I have no idea how it got changed unless one of the ms updates changed it.Maybe someone could tell me how that happened and why it would make a difference?
Thanks, Kevin

09-01-06, 03:35 AM
Hahaha nah, we wont stop helping if ya ask a lot of questions. Had no idea on the fix and I have no idea on how to explain how ya did.

But its good you got it working :D