View Full Version : AOL 5.0 and windows 2000

05-10-00, 03:40 PM
i have win2k but my aol sound effects don't work. only that stupid Welcome wav effect works. i went into control panel to change the sounds to some microsoft default sounds but i still can't hear my ims. thanks.

05-10-00, 04:48 PM
I suggest getting rid of AOL. It is like a virus. It slows down your computer and tries to take everything over. Just my 2 cents.

05-10-00, 08:46 PM
If win2k was installed over a previous o/s then you MUST reload every program. From AOL to MSOFFICE. win200 just overwrites to many files, especially if you convert to an NTFS format instead of FAT or FAT32.

01-04-01, 01:01 AM
the windows update site has a patch for win2k users running aol. try doing a windows update to fix this problem.