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08-23-06, 11:24 AM
Using their high speed enhanced package,bundled so i can have it cheaper my download speeds are 350kb/s and upload 80kb/s.
"Right now" they are upgrading their boxes for ADSL2,but my guess is its gonna be mainly used for TELUS TV (tv through phone line).
As far as the speeds go,they are rock solid,i cant say same thing about shaw isp.
Discuss .....

02-21-10, 08:27 AM
I'm going to bite the bullet on Monday and give TELUS another whirl.. with their official release tomorrow (being able to sign up @ a store) im going to switch from SHAW..

I did a speed test on shaw's apparent 7.5 service and received 21.95Mbps mind you this was at 630am..

How the new TELUS TV works is .. everyone gets a MINIMUM 15Mbps with their TV being dedicated .. and PCs going 2nd.. so if the TV feed needs 8MB.. the household computers will share the rest of the 7MB.. if you dont have any TVs on... your PC will get the full 15MB..

unfortetely telus does not have 25MB where I am at this time..

03-27-10, 12:40 PM
I was told I can't have the high speed package (for the same reason like you) so I was stuck at 3mbit. I called them in march again and they came with new modems.

When watching HDTV channel and downloading from internet my download speed is 1.6mb/s.
8mbit for hdtv isnt much, I did a test and the stream is 14-18mbit (depends on channel) therefore the adsl2 has to be way over 25mbit.