View Full Version : Radeon X1600 Pro 512mb

08-13-06, 07:39 AM

I wondered how much I can clock this graphics card and is there any special tweaks I should look for in the options area?

I just bought this new graphics card and it is poor at counterstrike 1.6, where my old card Geforce 6600 GT was noticeable better.

So any tricks to make the card perform better in counterstrike 1.6 or overall would make me a happier person :)

My PC:

Mainboard: Epox 9NDA3 nforce3 Ultra
RAM: corsair TwinX 1024 MB
CPU: AMD 64 3000+ (clocked to 2000 mhz)
HD: Raptor 10.000 r.p.m

Hope someone will answer :)