View Full Version : Suggestions for cars to look at?

De Plano
08-09-06, 07:48 PM
About time for me to get a car that works (I know, picky picky picky) and I am trying to come up with cars I should consider. Might be able to come up with $20,000 but would obviously preffer $10,000 or less. The thing that gets in the way is I would preffer a car but it has to have clearance or under armor. I have cracked my oil pan on my driveway three times in a month. Mile and a half dirt road that is almost cobblestone for a bit of it, well if the cobblestone crew was three sheets to the wind when they made it.

So far I am thinking about
Audi allroad
Subi WRX
Hardly considering an EVO, but if there are any good reasons I might consider it
Some little SUV, but at that point I might just go with a small truck

Gas consumption is a concern, but hell I can't think of anything I could drive on the road that has great MPGs

Any ideas?