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08-04-06, 11:08 AM
OK..... these are always fun. List your rides, past and present!

08-04-06, 11:34 AM
My first car (1995-2001): '91 Pontiac Grand Am - gray.. 33K when I got it.. lasted to 114K. I beat the hell outta this car.. lol

second car (2001-2005): '94 Acura Legend LS Coupe - red, 6spd, fully loaded, sweet ride, a bit on the worn side when I got it though.. 92K when I got it, 180K when the crank shaft went.. By that time, the interior and exterior paint was in bad need of fixin' up. Very expensive to maintain.. :nod:

Current car: 2000 Dodge Durango SLT 5.9L V8 gas guzzler. - aquamarine, leather, fully loaded w/ tow package.. 42K when I got it, 61K now.. 14mpg sux though when you drive as much as I do. :( Otherwise I love everything about it and for $13K, I think I faired well on the deal considering the miles and flawless shape she seems to be in.

08-04-06, 12:27 PM
First car - 89 firebird*
Second car - 79 Cutlass Supreme
Thrid car - 96 Altima*

*= Current vehicles

08-04-06, 12:40 PM
I've had waaay too many count. 99% of them are GM.
Right now I have a '94 Camaro Z28, 6 speed with a few mods.
Next mods will be cam, heads, dual exhaust = the loudness
I'll post a pic when I'm home.

08-04-06, 01:35 PM
Skoda (no idea about engine) 1995 :D
Ford Focus 4cyl 2000
Toyota 4x4 4cyl 1987
Toyota minivan 1987 4cyl (still have it,running great)
Ford Explorer 2000 V6 4.0 (still have it)
Ford mustang 1969 V8 3 speed convertible (still have it and always when we are driving it people are asking if we wanna sell it,the answer is always No,and they are like but you didnt hear my offer yet,and i say,WE ARE NOT SELLING IT) :irate:

and first one was T613 but no idea what year and engine

08-04-06, 01:52 PM
'89 Cutlass Supreme (donated to charity)
'93 Cutlass Cierra (Car crash = total)
'93 Nissan Altima (Gave to sis in law)
'01 Nissan Altima (Traded in for Matrix)
'03 Matrix (Currently Own)
'05 Chevy Trailblazer (Currently Own)

08-04-06, 05:21 PM
'89 Ford Ranger XLT
'93 Pontiac Grand Am GT
'97 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP
'99 Pontiac Grand Am GT
'00 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP (Current)


'99 Honda Shadow Spirit 1100 (Current)

08-04-06, 07:47 PM
1st ride '76 Maliby 400 Classic
2nd ride '92 Sentra
Current '98 Altima and '03 Altima

08-04-06, 08:46 PM
1994 Chevy Corisca (had the 3.1 v6! Smoked alot of ricer idiots in that grocery getter! )

1995 Grand Prix GTP (most fun car i've owned! Engine died, still have her, hoping to get her fixed one day.... l67 swap....DROOL!! :D )

2000 Grand Prix GT (does have the highway get up and go that the GTP had, nicer overall ride quality the breaks are awesome compared to my 95....might turbo it down the road...depends on when/if i get the 95 l67'ed.... )

08-05-06, 02:06 AM
Just counting my personal cars and not the wife's:
'63 chevy c10 stepside (completely restored by myself and my brother in law) - only pics i have are in my head -sad but true
78 malibu classic
out of high school now :)
80 ish pontiac t1000 (worst hunk of junk you could imagine and the end of me ever owning another american made car)
85 toyota tercel
finally working a decent job
94 nissan 4x4 (pc of chit - 4 wheel drive went out and had never been used)
91 celica (best car i have ever owned on this entire list)
99 honda accord 2 door v6 (fast but a pc of chit - bought used go figure)
03 Toyota tundra (good truck but traded in for better gas mileage vehicle)
05 Scion tC (not bad so far but its got another 200k before it passes my test)

08-05-06, 06:45 AM
First car...1977 Ford Capri II (the European Ford of Germany model...not the later Mercury Capri Mustang cousin). 2.8 V6, Getrag 4 speed..dual exhausts..wow was that car fast. Bought it senior year of high school..throughout first 2 years of college.

Second car..1980 Toyota Celica...needed a dependible ride for commuting back and forth to college main campus each weekend..last 2 years of college was upstate. So dropped excitement...and got the reliable commuter car. Did the job well.

Third car...done with school..time to get a fun car...got rid of the Celica..and oddly enough on a whim one day, picked up a 1989 (I think) Pontiac Fiero. Yes this lanky 6'5" guy could fit very well in it..plenty of legroom and headroom. Loved that car.

Fourth car...1987 Jeep Wrangler. 4.2L, soft top, got into offroading with a few Jeep clubs. Went through a few lift kits and offroading mods.

Fifth car...1998 Jeep Wrangler Sahara...4.0L, hard and soft top, still did a bit of offroading, beefed up suspension, rear axle, Borla SS headers and exhausts.

Sixth car (2nd wifes..err..ex-wifes)..Subaru Impreza 2.5RS...I think 2004. Quick little thing.

Current car...2006 Jeep Liberty Sport. Due to job..needed more cargo carrying than my Wrangler had.

Between 4th and 5th car...first wife had a Honda Civic, and a Subaru sedan. Forget the years..long time ago.

08-05-06, 07:10 AM
89 Chevy Blazer
94 Ford Ranger (Had it for 12 years)
06 Ford Ranger

Joint Chiefs of Staff
08-05-06, 10:58 AM
1973 -Some red wagon I got for Christmas
1975 - Big Wheel BABY!
1976 - Honday Civic
1980 - Chevy Chevette (yeah I know)
1988 - Jeep Wrangler (hard top)
1990 - Buick LeSaber
1998 - Dodge Intrepid
2004 - Chrysler 300c
2002 - Jeep Liberty Sport

08-05-06, 11:20 AM
1969 jeep wagoneer with a 350 buick engine, beat the crap out of that old beater.

1978 ford bronco with a 351M, pretty much beat the heck out it also

2001 dodge dakota with a 3.9 liter V-6, I really take care of this truck as I have grown up i guess :)

08-05-06, 02:42 PM
Current ride is a 2005 Mazda Bravo "Boss" ute.
Mrs.C has a 2005 Ford Focus.

08-05-06, 02:50 PM
1973 -Some red wagon I got for Christmas
1975 - Big Wheel BABY!
1976 - Honday Civic
1980 - Chevy Chevette (yeah I know)
1988 Jeep Wrangler (hard top)
1990 Buick LeSaber
1998 Pontiac Intrepid
2004 Chrysler 300c
2002 Jeep Liberty Sport

300c didnt come out until 2005.

Joint Chiefs of Staff
08-05-06, 03:04 PM
300c didnt come out until 2005.
I lived in East Bay, Nova Scotia at the time. Guess you didn't take in effect the Canadian factor or the hefty monthly payments. :p

Joint Chiefs of Staff
08-05-06, 03:07 PM

08-05-06, 07:17 PM
First car....

A 1963 Mercury Monteray. With the breezeway window.

66 Mustang...

Other junkers and fun cars.

I rebuilt, from the ground up, a 1956 F100 pickup. I sold it a few years ago to help pay some bills. Dang I wish I would have kept it.

08-05-06, 10:10 PM
1998 Pontiac Intrepid

What the heck is a pontiac intrepid? Did you mean dodge? :confused:

Joint Chiefs of Staff
08-06-06, 01:50 AM
What the heck is a pontiac intrepid? Did you mean dodge? :confused:
opps (fixed)

08-06-06, 06:37 AM
1949 Plymouth (Flathead 6 - 3 speed)
1964 GTO (4-speed)
1966 Mustang GT Cpu ( 289 - 4 speed)
1966 Chevele 396 -375hp (4-speed)
1964 MGA
1969 VW
Can not remember the rest

Now a 1997 KIA
and a 1981 f250 ford Truck
1971 Chevy 1 ton Mtr Home

Duz:) :)

08-06-06, 11:45 AM
opps (fixed)

:thumb: :thumb: :thumb: :thumb:

I just cant stand by and let a dodge be called a pontiac..... :D

Joint Chiefs of Staff
08-06-06, 12:15 PM
:thumb: :thumb: :thumb: :thumb:

I just cant stand by and let a dodge be called a pontiac..... :D
It was my "ex-wifes" car back in 2002 or so as I was on the road mostly from then until 2004. Then we bought the 300c (in 2004...Loonatic :p). I just paid the bills. :o

08-06-06, 01:40 PM
79 Camaro Berlinetta....
80 Buick Regal
82 Z28 (Indy pace car edition)
89 T-Bird
96 GMC Truck
05 Taurus

08-06-06, 02:08 PM
1979 Mercury Capri (had about 100 pounds of bondo v6)
1969 Chevy Camaro (grocery getter 307cu)
1974 Ford Pinto (had shaved door handles, a hyped out 2.0 and a custom primer paint job)
1979 Ford Mustang (sleeper 302, had about 4 different colors... was the fastest mustang i had ever been in, owned or otherwise)
1972 Caddilac Coup Deville (it had blue flames on a white body and an anchor)
1971 Dodge Dart 318, 4bbl, Muncie 4 spd
1978 Dodge Ramcharger 318 4bbl
1967 Chevy Chevelle with a '66 doghouse (guy i got it from got ripped by a mech... had a 327... they switched it for some 400)
1979 Chrysler Cordoba (with rich corinthian leather :D )
1987 Dodge Conquest turbo
1993 Ford Ranger
1978 Caddilac Coup Deville
198X Olds Cutlas Calais (oh god dont get me started on this pos)
1996 Nissan 200SX SE (Current)
1990 Toyota 4Runner 2x4
1996 Chevy Suburban 4X4 Current)