View Full Version : win 98 se startup problem

10-30-00, 11:49 PM
Starting on sunday I have a problem starting my computer, I keep getting the message "while initalizing deivce vcomm,
Windows Protection Error Please restrat your computer. I have not had success in restarting, It will start in safe mode but not in regular. I have win 98 se and had not had a problem until now. Any help would be appreciated.

10-31-00, 12:23 AM
I had a similar problem only with my sound card not loading drivers. Did you recently install a pci card? (ie nic or modem) IF you did chances are they are conflicting in the same IRQ number. I have an abit kt7 and theres a bios update that fixed the problem or you can go into your bios and find what number irq is getting tied up, my irq was 5 so i "lative ISA" instead of "pci" it and it reassigned all new irq numbers and loaded up in an instant. Could be a totally different prob, im using 98se too. Might give it a shot, can always change the bios back to normal, just make a note of what you change if you are not familiar with it.