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10-29-00, 06:10 PM
OK this is my situation.....

I have 2 physical Hard Drives....A 30gig and a 20 gig.The 30gig is my First Hard drive.
Which is set up with 3 partitions for now.
Partition 1 of the First Hard Drive has Win 98Se installed in a 7 gig Partition labeled as Drive C:\
Partition 2 of the First Hard Drive has Win Me installed also in a 7 gig Partition labeled as Drive C: LOCAL But really it's Drive F:\

"Still With Me......."

The Second Hard drive also has 3 partitions.
Two partitions are 196 Mbs each for Swap files 1 for 98SE and 1 for Win Me.Labeled as Drive E:\ for Win 98Se And Drive G:\ for Win Me.

Drive H:\ is my Zip Drive
Drive I:\ is my CD-Rom-DVD

The other Drive Letters D:\ is storage for now

So it goes like this:

Drive A:\ = Floppy
Drive B:\ = NONE
Drive C:\ = Win98Se
Drive D:\ = Storage
Drive E:\ Swap Win 98se
Drive F:\ = Win Me (BUT ALSO as Drive C:\ LOCAL)
Drive G:\ = Swap WinMe
Drive H:\ = Zip
Drive I:\ = CD-Rom-DVD

Now that you have an idea of How things are set up THIS IS MY PROBLEM

Win98se was installed first.Then I installed A Program called System Commander from V-Com.It's a great program ( In My opinion) It's a Boot manager and also it makes partitions.(can be found here: http://www.v-com.com/

So then I ran it's wizards to make a New Partition for Win Me to be installed.
Not a problem everthing went fine.I installed Win Me in the New partition.Great.
Now I had a Duel boot system with 98 in 1 partition and WinMe in another.And everything worked.
Then I install Norton System Works 2001 under win 98Se(why because I have it and I liked the way it worked under win98se before) I Get the updates for virus n stuff.run the wizards and correct some problems.
Everything seems ok.
Then I reboot and get into WinMe Everything seems fine.
I then install Norton System Works in WinMe. Reboot get updates reboot( i did the same under Win98Se)run the wizards correct a few problems and shut down for the day.Thinking all is fine.

Well today I reboot to win 98se to load some more software and stuff.Well I ran nortons win doctor, it finds some problems. About 20 but they are all about the same ........They all have something to say about a removeable drive ( C:\ and drive F:\ that have been moved or removed which is not the case.But nortons can't find) remember that drive C:\ is win 98Se and drive F:\ is Win Me. BUT Drive C:\ LOCAL ( Still With Me ....)

So I correct the problems.( nortons gives you a few options on how to go about it . I put everthing back to where it belongs. I know because some software is only installed under Win98Se and not in WinMe which makes it easy.) ok so now I know I have a problem somewhere.

Drive C:\ knows it's drive C:\..........But Drive F:\ thinks it's Drive C:\ and Drive C:\Local plus drive F:\

Do you Follow.....I hope so. Now I'm confused..........But really Does any one else use System Commander and nortons system works 2001?????

And If so How do I correct this!!!


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10-31-00, 08:02 AM
i use Norton Works (had the old one and now the new one-2001). You have to be very carefull with norton Win Doctor, it get out of hand, sometimes. Take those errors with a grain of salt, if it's harmless don't fix it unless you know very well what you are doing to fix and why you have that problem.

Another problem with Norton Works, if I install Anti Virus with it my system clock goes crazy, and my mouse gets jumpy, so I only load it when I need it and then Uninstall it. It screwd up my drive once and I had to reload everything.