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10-29-00, 12:10 PM
i need an ip address anyone know where to get a good sniffer

10-29-00, 05:10 PM
DUH!! You already have an IP address. What? You want to do something illegal? You expect someone here to help you with this? Try going to www.hackersareus.com (http://www.hackersareus.com) or iwannabeascriptkiddiereallybadsoicanbecool.com

11-01-00, 08:10 AM
there are legit reasons to get another servers ip addy maybe your haveing problems getting at a web site etc some times simply jumping the ip addy will let you in etc only thing i will say about how to get a ip is this windows provides a tool for you a dos tool and its listed in windows help wanabe hackers are lazy so a wanabe hacker wont search the help files a person with a ligit reason for a tool like this will i my self use these tools for legit reasons like getting a ip addy for a server to spped things up when i want to get to the web site as fast as i can

11-01-00, 02:51 PM
tony t

you got problems !!!!

im just doing what i want to do and i will do whatever i want to do so check this post out and be ware http://www.speedguide.net/ubb/smile.gifhttp://www.speedguide.net/ubb/Forum1/HTML/001396.html

11-02-00, 10:13 AM
Tony is right and also knows ALLOT more about computers than you do.
I wouldn't start talking crap about "BEWARE" to anyone in here as you are a first time trojan user. A wannabe hacker.
You didn't phrase your question right and he responded correctly to your post.


11-02-00, 03:08 PM
right on funk i hear what your saying but i still think that what i did was nothing wrong and he should hear somebody out befor just cutting them down

you where in on the post in the other forum do you think what i did was wrong ?????

and tony t sorry about the beware **** but ya pissed me off

ok anyway its all i have to say lata

11-02-00, 09:21 PM
Apologies- didn't see the other thread.

meanwhile.....a good source of all types of legit sniffers & network tools:


11-02-00, 10:31 PM
thanks t

11-02-00, 11:10 PM
Yes Doz, what you did, I consider "wrong".
If it was just to win a bet, you should have not messed up his comp.
You should have played it allot cooler than you did.
It's ok though. Can't turn back time.
I'm not mad, I just didn't think it was right.
Don't go thinking your a hacker now. A 7 year old can use a trojan. http://www.speedguide.net/ubb/smile.gif


11-03-00, 12:51 AM
but funk i just did it because he was so positve

he new he was wrong
but anyway i don't consider myself a hacker

i got lucky

i didn't do it because im trying to learn how to hack i just wanted to show him nothing is safe if you new him you would do the same

cockie cockie person