View Full Version : how to remove winme login window at startup?

10-28-00, 10:56 AM
how to remove winme login window at startup?
Thanks in advance

10-28-00, 01:45 PM
sorry , alexng but i may have mislead you on the last post. these are for win98 i did not notice you where running win me. i have a heck of a toothache today and my concentaation is way off
go to the site below and download a product called XteqX setup it does all you want and more.

when you have it running look
under system near bottom, general options, display windows logo while booting y/n and many other options i mean lots


better double check though i'm loaded with tylenol 3s hahaha


10-28-00, 03:21 PM

Right clicking your My Network Places> Properties and under Primary Network Login, selecting Windows Login instead of Client for Microsoft Networks doesn't do the trick?

10-28-00, 11:34 PM
alexng nice to meet you and welcome to SG
go here for your needs http://www.windows-help.net/windows98/tunetips-idx-nf.shmtl
hope this helps and you will find other related tips there as well
regards minir

10-28-00, 11:38 PM
on the left side under tips and tricks click on windows 98 scroll done to fine tune windows 98 and go from there

i forgot that part sorry

10-29-00, 11:28 PM
To do this, you have to do the following if you have a windows password set:

Control panel - Network
Change the primary login to 'Windows Login'
restart NO!!

Control panel- Passwords -
change your windows password to blanks, and set the user profiles tab to 'All users of this system use the same prefs'

Restart -- everything should be peachy

If you restart before changing your windows password to blank, this might not work.

10-30-00, 09:54 AM
I had the same problem a few weeks ago and here is a very straight forward fix for it:

10-30-00, 10:35 AM
hey !

The easiest way to do it it's when you log on ...just put a user name and no password ..Then go download tweak-ui and there is options. Go to logon and put in your user name and put no password in ..check the box logon automatily .
Restart windows and there you go http://www.speedguide.net/ubb/smile.gif


ctrl+alt+del...ctrl+alt+del !!!!!!!