View Full Version : easy answer, i just forgot, plz read

10-27-00, 07:23 AM
i reinstalled icq on a new partition, and i need to know what the buddy list (who my contacts are) file was from my old icq so i can move it to my icq. what file is it and how can i move this ?? (just replace it?) ??

10-27-00, 09:39 AM
Just move the 2000a/b folder that is in the ICQ folder to the new partition.

10-27-00, 06:10 PM
I don't use ICQ much anymore but way back when, i think it was a file called 0000000.uin, where the zeros represent your ICQ number. Just copy that and replace your new one. This holds your contact list so you don't have to go adding people again. Do what Prey mentioned, that .uin should also be in there.