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10-27-00, 07:20 AM
This happened when I was using aol and now also when using RR
When using aol I would get one last ping that was blocked then aol would give me a "contection lost" or something like that.
And a few mins ago I left the zonealarm on and went into dos and about 10-20mins later I got a blocked http and then when i tried to get back into IE it wouldn't contect. I had to restart the computer to get back onto the net.
Please help me on this one if you know the answer.

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10-27-00, 05:35 PM
Try reinstalling it. This might help.Try different security settings. I have rr and it works great for me.

10-27-00, 08:49 PM
what are the setting you have. I set mine both to high. And this has happened before so its not the installing.

10-29-00, 04:24 PM
what is RR?

Thank You

10-29-00, 06:49 PM
RR is Roadrunner high speed cable internet access.

10-30-00, 07:46 PM
It's done by Time Warner, hence the name.

11-03-00, 12:47 PM
sometimes IE is f*#$ed up like that. try downloading a newer version, also can you use navigator? And as for your zone alarm settings, I know the factory settings are medium/high, also check and make sure you are allowing the program you want to use to access the internet.

11-03-00, 11:00 PM
If you're using Windows98se ICS to share your connection, you need to be set to medium or you cant connect.

11-13-00, 04:06 PM
ok thanks for all your help.
sorry to say that nothing posted has worked.

And I know IE sucks, but I its a little hardder to remove then what they let on. even if you upgrade it and remove that its still in the system. IE sould be call a virus or a trojan both are good.

11-14-00, 09:40 AM
Hey Joker, I have had a few things cause this. I guess easiest to most difficult.
1) Set Zone Alarm to Medium Local,High Internet
2)My ZA ports have been "blocked" before with cyber junk (the only way I could explain it)If you have ZAPro,double click to open it>Security>Advanced>Local zone custom settings tab- manually open open the ports, then do the same for Internet zone settings, then launch IE; remember to go back and close the ports again http://www.speedguide.net/ubb/smile.gif ( I know that it sounds strange but it worked for me once.)
PS while you are there check local Zone content tab aand verify your NIC card is listed
3)Control Panel>add/remove programs> highlight IE>click remove> a promp will appear asking to remove or repair> click repair
4)programs>accessories>system tools>system info>tools> try IE repair again,system file checker, some others don't remember just explore checking things and see what it says
5) scan disk thorough mode w/ auto repair (takes a couple of hours http://www.speedguide.net/ubb/frown.gif may do while you sleep
6) uninstall & reinstall IE
7) Go to security forum, read about some spy proggies, DL AdAware from WWW.lavasoft.de (http://WWW.lavasoft.de)
and see what spyware you have in your 'puter
8)if you have spyware that have re written some files, bummer re format city sweetheart!
I hope this helps you, and be careful with free proggies next time.

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11-15-00, 04:48 PM
I'm not using pro