View Full Version : Windows Media PLaye...........wierd problem see if you can crack this bad boy...

10-26-00, 11:49 PM
ok i got some divx movies off the net and that werks fine the problem comes with when i wanna see it in full screen...all i get is the top half.....even when i go to 200% view i still am missing a grip......i have download the newest version of windows media and installed it and it didnt even werk...so i deledted it (it suckz ...to complicated...i like the basic old one..) anyone some help would be cool...thz

10-27-00, 12:12 PM
Hey Bronco,

Thats an awesome program. Thanks.

10-27-00, 11:32 PM
Screw Microcraps player, its bloated and full of bugs. Go to

This SIMPLE little player will play damn near all video formats and it works great. It uses very little system resources, too.!!

Also I dont think that its related, but make sure you have the latest DivX codec installed.