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07-25-06, 02:29 AM
I can't view any movies. I am aware not all DVD CDROMS will let you view movies. But, I hoped this one would (Mad Dog MegaSTOR 16X DVD±RW (http://www.mdmm.com/products/optical/MegaSTOR6in1-16DL.asp)).

What should I have looked for, when I bought the drive? I want to view movies on my PC & burn VCR tapes (kids growing up stuff) to CD.

I flashed the firmware with files found at their website www.mdmm.com (http://www.mdmm.com). My docs, said my CDROM is a MD-16XDVD9A4. I flashed for that.

Burning, MP3s / backing up files works great. It came with NERO. But, I can't watch nadda...

I Googled plenty, but multimedia is not my strong suit. Any advice is welcome.


07-25-06, 05:31 AM
It reads DVDs so I see no reason why it shouldnt play them. You have Nero installed so are you using Nero Showtime to play the dvds? I have a few DVDs that wont play in showtime but will play in windows media player.

07-25-06, 06:57 AM
Yeah I can view the files and explore the disk. Just can't see any movies. I've looked at Divix.com for codecs and well... I'm clueless as to why it's not working. My display drivers current accoringto Nvidia's website.

07-25-06, 01:01 PM

My daughter walked by while was re-reading this, and she sent me VLC Media player (http://www.videolan.org/vlc/). :D

The Mad Dogs barking now....
Thanks for the reply YOS :thumb: