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10-26-00, 08:25 PM
Heheh i knew that title will get u in here...i know that is mean but while i still have you attention i was wondering if anyone would have any clue why when i click on links a window pops up and doesnt open anything just a white screen. PLZ help. Sorry About that title thing.

10-26-00, 08:31 PM
and while we have your attention can you plz answer my question too

"I have a microsoft intelletype pro (regular, not the messed up one with the slit sides), and all the hotkeys work except the "my computer" one. when i press it a message saying "cannot find the program selected below. the program file does not exist or its location is wrong". well i went into the software menu on the installed software, and it still doesn't work, any suggestions?"


and from now on merc i wouldnt do mean things like this http://www.speedguide.net/ubb/biggrin.gif

10-26-00, 08:37 PM
Hehe this is my Topic your stealing my idea. Your just as guilty as me for posting on this.

10-26-00, 08:53 PM
i'm guilty but not as guilty, cause i didn't start it, i just used it. we are both guitly and we both want answers dammit! haha http://www.speedguide.net/ubb/biggrin.gif

10-27-00, 01:55 PM
And you are both now being specifically ignored for being bad boys. Go to your rooms, and no supper for you!

Rarely serious, but always sincere.

10-27-00, 07:02 PM

10-27-00, 07:14 PM
i apolagize, sory guys.

"God works a miracle every now and then ; behold, a lawyer an honest man!" Benjamin Franklin

10-29-00, 08:40 AM
well,I have to say,I must have figured out how to uncap my keyboard,because I type alot faster than I use to.