View Full Version : Acobat Reader

10-26-00, 03:15 AM
what exactly is Acrobat Reader i have it on my desktop but never use it. Do i need it?
Also i used to have Adobe photoshop, i must have deleted it somehow while cleaning up, is there any way i can download it from internet.

10-26-00, 07:12 AM
Acrobat Reader is used for many things, but mostly for help manuals. Its pretty cool since it can contain high quality graphics and design that you basic help files cannot. Acrobat reader files have the extension .PDF. The problem with Reader sometimes is that the files itself can get pretty big due to the fact that you can add so much more to it than your regular help file. I recommend that you keep it. A lot of companies include PDF files as the main help manual, so you'll never know when you need it. Also, it interacts great with the Web. Many websites use PDF files right from the web and turns your browser into a web version of Acrobat Reader.