View Full Version : Can't download?

10-25-00, 07:37 PM
When I click on a download link such as the ones on this site nothing happens!
What setting have I tweaked wrong and where?
How do I fix it?

10-26-00, 07:16 AM
Hmmmm, could it be that your connection is so freakin fast that you never see the download dialogue box http://www.speedguide.net/ubb/biggrin.gif. I dunno the problem but I'll bump this back up so that someone can give this one a shot.

10-27-00, 05:30 PM
Try removeing all the the tweaks you put in with the win98defaultpatch. See if this helps. If you decide to reinstall them try them one at a time. This why you will be able to tell wich one is your problem.Back reg up every time you switch tweaks. Plus try rebuiding your Explorer.If you are useing the win98webpatch make sure you didn't tweakit up to much from what it was.Plus one more thing I can think of right now try rebuilding your TCP/IP protocal.
Hope this helps!If all this fails to help call your provider and see if they are haveing problems.

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