View Full Version : formatted, now how to get on the net?

the xyz
10-25-00, 02:01 PM

i just formatted my pc, installed win98se, and whenever i click on the IE icon, it brings me to a wizard to find my modem etc. i'm on a cable modem, and it's not there. so i have to keep hitting cancel, and everytime i click on the icon, all i get is that? any help?

thanks a bunch!

10-25-00, 02:11 PM
When that screen comes up, just click you have a permanent connection or you're connected on a LAN.

the xyz
10-25-00, 05:07 PM
it's not the same one as the wizard from clicking on tools in IE. it says something like 'Windows will now find your modem...' and asks if I want to sign up for an msn account.

10-25-00, 06:07 PM
oh god no.. dont do that. there should be a 'skip dialing' or 'skip' button somewhere in the screens.

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10-25-00, 06:45 PM
the xyz - if you can reach the desktop try:
Right click on the big blue E/Properties/Connections/Set Up/
when the new window apears, click on the bottom one - I want to set up may connection maually - I am on a LAN etc.