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06-14-06, 04:55 PM
Im borrowing my friends 160GB HD it has XP Pro. and a bunch of programs and what not, it post's perfectly fine on his computer but when i hook it up to my machine it bluescreens but it bluescreens so fast i cant see what the error it is giving me, my one other friend said its probably the OS is corrupted yet i think its my ram because my one friend can use the same exact HD on his machine....so i went out and bought a new HD i was thinking should i return it because its my ram that could be the problem or should i install a fresh copy of XP Pro. on my new HD and see what happens...thanks much for your time and concern i really appreciate it...

06-14-06, 05:05 PM
Unless you have exactly the same hardware..yes...that's normal. His install of XP knows about his motherboard, his chipset, his video card, his drive controllers, his soundcard..etc etc etc.

If the motherboards are similar chipsets...then sometimes you can get a marginal performing machine by reloading all sorts of drivers...but you'll end up with just that..a marginal performing machine..the OS will be crammed full of old drivers 'n stuff. It'll never run as good as a fresh install. Can also run XP repair installs...similar to the above.

None of those are things I'd ever want to use or support.

06-14-06, 05:05 PM
You can't just put a hard drive with XP already installed on it in a different pc, it looks for all the drivers of the pc you removed it from and when it doesn't see them it BSODs on you. Sometimes it's possible to do a repair install of XP and do what you are attempting but that doesn't always work.


06-14-06, 09:11 PM
^Ahhh alright thank you both for the help i appreciate it...well i did manage to fix the problem i took my brand new HD and a brand new DVD-RW drive because my old cd rom was bad...i then installed XP fresh copy on my new HD, now i wasx installing my drivers getting all excited and what not because i finally got my comp to run then BOOM BSOD comes back....now i think i know what happened i restarted my comp after installing drivers and no sound still so i unplugged and re plugged in the sound connections....not the actual sound card jsut the cords that plug in the back while the comp was still on gave me a bsod error when i restarted again saying "IRQL_NOT_LESS_THAN" or something really similar do you think if i move the sound card to a different PCI slot and reinstall windows that the BSOD will stay away...thank you for your help i once again appreciate it.

06-14-06, 09:16 PM
That IRQ error is usually driver related....it's not hardware IRQ related like we used to deal with in the old APCI days. It's an interrupt request in memory from the driver.

What I usually do when building...remove any non-essential add on cards. Install Windows. Install the latest drivers for your motherboard/chipset. This builds a good foundation. Then install the latest video drivers. Any additional onboard devices..but those are usually covered in the motherboard drivers (such as onboard NIC and sound) One by one install your add on PCI cards if any. Then service pack 2 and all windows updates. BTW, I build behind a router..so computer is not on a public IP address. If you aren't behind one...err...get a software firewall installed and antivirus...before plugging in.

06-14-06, 09:22 PM
well i also disabled my on board sound previously can that be a problem...aswell as i didnt install SP2 i just use XP Pro...thank you once again for your help only thing on my PCI Slot is my Sound Card and i have my Video Card in PCI-E thats all

06-14-06, 10:29 PM
problem fixed...i came home from my friends house and put back the on board sound to Auto in the bios and it works fine now..i really appreciate all of your help mnosteele52, and YeOldeStonecat... :) thank you two a lot.