View Full Version : Computer turns on,but monitor won't.

06-02-06, 10:13 AM
Just changed cpu cooler,had to remove mobo.After i was done,pc turns on but monitor doesn't.What could be the problem?

06-02-06, 10:40 AM
Make sure the cpu cooler is flush with the cpu

Reset the add in cards and memory

06-02-06, 01:32 PM
Make sure the cpu cooler is flush with the cpu

Reset the add in cards and memory
Ok,off to check that.:thumb:

06-03-06, 07:23 PM
I've got a viewsonic and it has a little LED light that turns on when you press the power button.

I've noticed that if you press the 2 button it can put you into some mode where you can't see your screen. Try pressing the 2 button if you've got a Viewsonic monitor.

06-03-06, 08:56 PM
reseat memory, vid card.

06-03-06, 09:50 PM
In my somewhat limited experience, if something is bad with CPU, memory or video card you would probably get some kind of beep from your motherboard.

Every motherboard I've ever owned was an ASUS so maybe I'm just used to the behavior they would produce...An ASUS would beep.

06-03-06, 10:04 PM
not always the case..especially w/ the cpu

06-03-06, 10:20 PM
Yeah could be, I've never messed up when installing a CPU before.

I have had the odd tense time with CPUs though. I recall back in the Pentium 3 era (the case I remember was a Celeron) there were some really wimpy looking levels to push on to seat the heatsink on the CPU. I figured I'd break it for sure.

Those chips ran so cool that even a bad contact is good enough I bet. The heat sink didn't even feel warm.

Set In Motion
06-07-06, 11:46 AM
I've experienced this prooblem and the problem was that there was not enough thermal compound between cpu and heatsink, as a result, the cpu get hot enough to keep video card from enguaging.

06-07-06, 11:57 AM
I had exactly same problem couple days ago
I think i was waiting about 30 seconds and then i got 5 beeps
I turned everything off,unplugged everything and it started working.
But i didnt open the case,no idea what was wrong.