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05-27-06, 01:15 PM
I've got a motherboard that I think is bad, it is an ASUS P4C800-E bought about 2 years ago. I believe ASUS products have a 3 year warranty, but I'm wondering what kind of a pain in the ass it's going to be to get a new motherboard. Can anyone explain the process to me?

1. Do I ship it to China, wait 6 weeks for a new motherboard and go computerless until then?

2. Do they do a bunch of tests to make sure the motherboard I sent is bad? The problem is that this motherboard went bad in January, I jiggled around the hard drive cables and it worked again, and now it's acting up. It could very well be the case that it works for a few months at a time.

3. At the end of the day do I just bend over, take it up the tailpipe, buy a new motherboard and forget the warranty?

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05-27-06, 01:39 PM
yes i can
You are gonna call ASUS,explain your problem they will give you ticket number and number to their RMA department,then you will explain your problem there (dont say you think its bad,say yes its not working,its bad) and they will give you RMA number.They will EMAIL all forms to your email address.You have 2 choices.Sent your broken mobo and wait for new one or give them your credit card info,they will charge you and after you receive your RMA mobo you got 2 weeks to ship it back and after they receive the broken mobo money are refunded.The credit card process cant be done over the phone you have to fax all the papers.It looks like this :


* Model Name
* Serial Number
* Part Number Revision #
* RMA Number


First Name Last Name
Company Name
Address (1)
Address (2)
City State Zip Code
Phone Number (1)
Phone Number (2)
Fax Number
E-mail Address
* Applicant & Shipping Information could be left blank if it is the SAME as Billing Information.


* First Name * Last Name
Company Name
* Address (1)
Address (2)
* City * State * Zip Code
* Phone Number (1)
Phone Number (2)
Fax Number
E-mail Address
* Billing Information must be entered exactly as it appears on the credit card statement.


* Credit Card (MasterCard / Visa)
* Card Number
* Expiration Date
* Authorized Signature
Customer agrees that credit card number is used by ASUS to secure the replacement.
Authorized Signature must be signed exactly as it appears on the credit card.

NOTE:**Items*with*a*"*"*are*required and MUST completed


ASUS Computer International
44370 Nobel Drive, Fremont, CA 94538
Tel: 510-739-3777 Fax: 510-797-2102
____________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________
RMA# ___________________


ASUS Advance Replacement program is an advantage for customers with urgent needs of their product. ASUS has taken the time and consideration to provide this program for customers; therefore, the following Terms and Conditions will be enforced.

Customers are entitled to one Advance Replacement per time. The original product must be received before another replacement for cross ship can be issued.

All forms, Terms & Conditions, Advance Replacement form, Advance RMA Shipping Form must be completely filled out and require a Valid Signature in order for your request to be approved.

The Credit Card Form must be filled thoroughly and signed if the customer requires expedited shipping. Please ask your ASUS customer service representative for expedite shipping costs.

Products will ship out within 48 hours (business days) from the time we receive all completed forms. Expedited shipping does NOT expedite our processing time.

Once you’ve received your replacement ASUS product, customers must have the product at our ASUS facility no later than the end of the 14th day. Any package received after the 14th day will be refused, and no refund will be given.

For security purposes, customers will be automatically charged (see *) (before we ship out the product) and will only be given a refund (see *) if the product is received within the given time period and without physical damage. (* Charge will consist of current Retail Price of the product, cost of shipping to customer, plus $10.00 processing fee). NO refunds will be given on the Expedited Shipping Costs (2nd day / Overnight)

Physical Damage
Any Physical damage found on your product, including shipping damage, will void the warranty. If the product is received with damage, charges will not be removed from your credit card.
Physical damage is NOT covered under your ASUS warranty under NO circumstances and automatically VOIDS your warranty on your product. Physical damage consists of any physical alterations to the product. This damage can include any shape or form of corner / edge damage, broken traces, broken CPU socket /slots, and/or burns, etc.

I ___________________________ (Name, please print) have thoroughly read and fully understand the agreement that ASUS has provided as terms for an Advance Replacement. I acknowledge that if any legal action must be instituted in the collection of any agreed dollar amount, I will be held responsible to pay all legal fees incurred, including attorney and court fees.

Signature: ____________________________ Date: ___________________

This policy has been imposed by ASUS Computer International and cannot be altered or negotiated.


44370 Nobel Drive. Fremont, CA 94538 Tel: 510-739-3777 Fax: 510-797-2102

RMA# __________________

Dear Customer:

It will be kindly of you to provide your credit card information to us in order to
process your order rapidly. We accept Visa or Master card only.

Please fill out the appropriate lines with your signature and fax back to us at

Type of Credit Card: VISA or Master Cards only Date: _____________________

Name of Credit Card Holder: ________________________________________________

Credit Card Account Number: _______________________________________________

Expiration Date: _____________________

Bill to Address: __________________________________________________________

Phone Number: _______________________ Fax Number: _____________________

Ship to Address: __________________________________________________________

Phone Number: _______________________ Fax Number: _____________________

Email: _________________________________________________________________

Please check ONE for processing

USA Expedited Shipping Canada Expedited Shipping
___ Overnight-$20.00 ___ Intl. Priority (FREE)
___ 2-day air-$10.00
___ FedEx Saver (FREE) (California packages will ship by Ground)

Card Holder Signature: ___________________________

Best Regards,
Asus Computer International

ANd after i faxed it finally i received email :

Dear Valued Customer,

We are in receipt of your Advanced RMA Forms for your RMA# XXXXXX. Please allow approximately 48 hours for your replacement product to ship out. Once it has shipped you should receive an automated email with the tracking#.

Thank you,

CSR Department

ASUS Computers

My mobo was here in 2 business days and its from states not china,btw they are manufacturing it in taiwan.

05-27-06, 01:42 PM
Please fill out the advanced replacement forms (3) that are attached and fax back to 510-797-2102, attn: Laura. ALL THREE FORMS MUST be filled out completely and faxed back to prevent any delay in processing your request for Advanced RMA.

Once your forms are received, please allow 48 hours for your replacement product to be shipped out. Your credit card will be charged prior to the replacement product being shipped out.

For updated status on this RMA or Credit Card Refunds, please contact xship_rma@asus.com or you may contact 510-739-3777 ext 5105 and ask for either Laura or Shanelle.

The PART# MUST be listed on your Advanced RMA Form to prevent any delays in processing your request. The part # will be located near the edge of the board on a white sticker approx. 20 digits alpha numeric long with dashes or on the products original retail box. Example: C56B123-02347-60-MBL100-A02 or 90-MBL100-GOUAYZ

The revision # is located near the PCI slots in small print next to the model name imprinted on the board in white lettering.

Return Shipping Information:

Customer's are responsible for the cost of shipping the defective product back to ASUS. You must write your RMA# on the outside of the package. (If you do not write the RMA# on the outside of your package your product will be rejected at the time of delivery).

Do NOT include any accessories such as manuals, software, CPU, memory, retention mechanisms or clips, cables, or your original box. If you send any of the above mentioned items they WILL NOT be returned or replaced.

Please be sure to package return product very carefully to prevent damage during transit. ASUS is NOT responsible for losses or damages incurred due to shipping / improper packaging. We recommend two inches of padding all the way around your product itself. You MUST package your product in a box.

Physical damage is NOT covered under your ASUS warranty under NO circumstances and automatically VOIDS your warranty on your product. This damage can include any shape or form of corner / edge damage, broken traces, broken CPU socket, and / or burns. If you do send a product in that is physical damage, you will be notified and the product will be either repaired / replaced for a fee or rejected.


** ASUS COMPUTER INTERNATIONAL (USA) is a Warranty Repair Service Center. Please contact your place of purchase for credit, refund, and upgrade. ASUS does not provide these services under any circumstances.


ASUS Computer International

Attn: RMA Department, RMA# _______________

44370 Nobel Drive

Fremont, CA 94538

(510) 739-3777 ext. 5105

Thank you,

Teresa Perdue

ASUS Customer Service

510-739-3777 ext 5105

Technical Support - 502-995-0883 option 3


Accessories: http://estore.asus.com

05-27-06, 01:46 PM
PS: Dont forget to call them after the papers are faxed,make sure they received it and confirm your mailing address 1 more time,it will speed up the process big time.

05-28-06, 02:07 AM
Wow, thanks Rivas. I'll give this a shot and hopefully things will go smoothly.

Yeah, having to deal with the US is a little faster for sure. I knew they were a Taiwan based company which I equated with China, but I suppose that is a touchy subject these days.