View Full Version : SpeedStream 4060 w/ Bellsouth == Anti-Full Screen UT

06-21-00, 10:08 PM
Ok, so I'm running ut on my dsl earlier today and it rocks the house... even with the usb hookup..... tonight... BAM.... it crashes like hell and everytime I start up UT with the dsl connected, it disconnects on me. Any ideas?

06-22-00, 08:05 AM
Anyone got any ideas?

06-22-00, 11:24 PM
be more specific?

01-04-01, 03:04 PM

UT = Unreal Tournament? (PC game)

Because I've got a very similar problem I'm trying to work out. I also have a USB 4060 modem and it's been causing me loads of pain, with lockups that even disable the power button.

After doing all the tweaks on this site and running different protocols (WinPOET and a 3rd party PPOE) the problem persists, even with reformatting, driver swaps, disabling sound cards for IRQ conflicts, etc.

I have concluded that probably the USB modem is to blame. Right now I'm trying to get it exchanged for a PCI NIC, and I would advise you do the same.

01-04-01, 06:14 PM
wow this thread is old lol