View Full Version : I ate it riding today.

03-12-06, 08:41 PM
Been riding pretty hardcore the last few months, got back into the game and I'm full-on addicted to it.

Snagged myself one of these http://www.off-road.com/dirtbike/machines/2005/yamaha/yz450f.html
, cept mine is a 2001 model and a 426. Pretty much the same thing.

My riding bud rides a KTM of similar specs and power. Both of these bikes are wicked fast and have capabilities WELL beyond what I can handle/comprehend or even begin to explore. It's like strapping on a jet pack and slaloming thru the trees. Way to much fun.

We play a game of leap-frog. One of us runs rabbit while the other chases, keeps our average speeds up and concentration nice and focused. I was running rabbit today and really REALLY screwed up a turn. I overshot the entrance and tried to regain lost momentum by sticking the exit. I almost made it, front came down funny, I started over the handlebars and somehow saved it. Problem is that the rear(new super sticky Michelin S12) decided to hook up hard at that point and caused a deflection of significant magnitude. Significant magnitude means the rear tried hard to pass the front tire and it succeded.

Wheeee! I fell down on the bike. Bounce one, bike is riding me. Bounce two, I'm back on top. Bounce three, bike slides over me and the world quits spinning. I'm laying on my back, head downhill with the front tire on my chest. Yeah! HELL YEAH! that was fun and damn scary I would be sporting a broken ankle right now had I not had on some full-on motorcycle boots, I remember vividly as the bike slid over my left foot and the boots just took the abuse and left my precious ankle happy.

Hurt? Not one bit, I'll be sore tomorrow but no broken skin or bones as far as I can tell.

Motorcycles are worse than crack cocaine.

03-12-06, 08:43 PM
dumb ass.

Glad you're ok:D

03-12-06, 08:43 PM
It's a good feeling though, when you get up and realize you don't have any broken bones and aren't bleeding to death.

Glad your ok. Endos have a way of breaking collar bones.

By the way, this Beck rocks..