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09-14-05, 08:28 PM
........What happens when you freeze-dry a scrambled mind?

At this point, itís hard to even think of where to begin. The following is the eclectic, often graphic, thoughts of just one person affected by Hurricane Katrina. Just imagine Ozzy Osbourne on crack. Itís hard at this point to finish one thought before another one come smashing into my feeble mind.

Earlier this week, I was asked by a friend who lives out of state ďWhat is a Parish?Ē. I was born in New Orleans, which Iíll get into later, but Iíve never really given it a lot of thought. Iíll tell you what a Parish is to me though. Probably almost three hundred years ago now, French settlers where basically run out of area of Acadia, Canada. Iím guessing they traveled South until they hit the Gulf of Mexico, following along the ever twisting Mississippi River. They stopped here and took root. A group that now are called Cajun-French, many of which still only speak a unique language called Cajun-French. A group of people that made the city of New Orleans. They are deeply religious and hard workers. They do know how to party too, this year marks a 150 years of Mardi Gras, as many of you know a free party like no other. Now getting back to the Cajuns, Religion, Parishes and how it all ties in.

We have the oldest Cathedral in the United States, the St.Louis Cathedral. Right in the heart of the French Quarter stands a huge church that is photographed by every tourist that comes through this city. Iím not religious in any way, but itís my understanding that each church serves a Parish and has a Parish Priest. I guess you would have to know a Cajun, but their minds arenít easily changed and they donít just pack up and leave easily either. So while the rest of the U.S.A. is on the county system, we have Parishes. With the exception of New Orleans, we donít have Mayors. We have Parish Presidents. They are elected into office and fall right below our Governor in the food chain of politics. The church and some people have a huge influence over what, how and when people do things.

When I say ďsome peopleĒ I mean people like ďMama DĒ that I seen on the news, on one of our two working channels. Itís really a trip when you see it on TV, I canít imagine what is going through the guyís head, but he must be really freaked out over Mama D. Why do I think this? Because he wonít make her leave her front porch, like they could make so many others leave. The man Iím talking about is a war torn, well-built man, of the Red Berets, the 82nd Airborne. When we did get help, we got some bad ass guys in here.

Letís talk Mama D and the man some. Mama D, sheís from another world. She looks like a voodoo priestess sitting on her porch, in defiance of one of the mightiest Armies of the world. Surprisingly well spoken, and stuck in her ways for certain. So what is the man trying to do? Heís actually negotiating a deal with Mama D. You see, she has influence, and loads of it. She knows where the people are hiding, how to make them come out, and how to make them leave. Iím talking about 1000ís of people too. At the end of it all, the man drives away in his amphibious vehicle bewildered. Mama D still wonít leave, but they struck a deal, sheís going to convince the elderly and handicap to leave. The man and his fellow soldiers are interviewed by the newscaster, they all mention that they have fought or have seen battle in Afghanistan and or Iraq. They are all stunned by the devastation caused by Katrina. They have been all over the world, seen some gruesome ****, and yet they are all still surprised by the death and destruction in New Orleans and the metro area.

There is a lot of death here, you can tell by the flies. There must be tons of rotting meat from peopleís freezers, then there are bodies just floating around. Yes, our official death toll is low, but they have yet to begin collecting the bodies. Almost two weeks later, they are still in the ďrescue modeĒ. Dead bodies are just pushed aside, to rescue or try to rescue the living. Out of all the petty things, these damn flies are driving me crazy.

I must admit, I slept through most of the storm. Every now and then, as a tree blew over and shook the house, I would wake up. I could still hear the wind, rain and my house moving. My house was speaking to me, almost in a Lord of the Rings way, it reminded me of the Fangor Forrest, I believe it was. It would shift one way with the wind, and let out a long groan, then with the change of the wind direction, it would groan outloud and settle down a bit. Every now and then, you would hear loud pops, which I think were Pecans hitting the side of the house about 130MPH. I think thatís why I slept. It was like a B horror movie. No electricity, all the windows boarded up, the rain going sideways, and no escape now, not even if I wanted to go.

After the Katrina bomb, people start emerging from their homes and what ever shelter they could find. In all ironies, itís a perfect day. Blue sky, not a cloud to be seen, and really not too hotÖÖyet. They only problem is, every thing is wasted and I mean ****ing EVERYTHING. At this point, we donít know how widespread it is. We have no TV, Radio, electricity, landlines and we are losing cell phones fast. Remember the Flintstones? Well, they were more modern then us at this point.

First you check out your own house, and other then the front door being a real bitch to close now, we did alright. I live just a few hundred feet from my parents, if you could get up the driveway. Now we have so many trees in our yard, we canít leave unless we drive between the barn and shed, go through the neighbors yard, up his driveway to the highway, and back down to my parents. My parents lost the front porch and most of the shingles on the roof. All I really know now is what I can see, my family is OK but we arenít sure yet how my wifeís family did. We finally get in touch with them, they lost a lot of stuff, with about two feet of water in their house during the storm. My Dadís business is gone, the shell of a building is there from what I hear. At this point in is life, heíll probably never open it up again.

Now that I think about it some, you know you live in a weird city when you need life vests and a chainsaw to save your life. Stop what you are doing for a second and look up. Just think, a lot of people drowned in their attics. With the water rising slowly and no place to go. Sounds like another B grade horror movie to me. Hereís where the problem comes in, It Isnít. It happened. Itís still happening, and Iím trying to figure out how to live in it with my young son and wife. Again in my life. if it wasnít for my Dad, I would be homeless. My wife and I have no idea when we can work again. Jefferson Parish is basically closed for the next three weeks. Dusk to dawn curfew, and if you get pulled over, they come at you with the guns drawn. I know this for a fact, because it happened to me on the way from the hospital.

ďThe HospitalĒ crapÖ.I donít even know where to start about these clowns. Iíve been three times in two weeks, ending in emergency surgery. I guess I shouldnít say ďendingí because itís really not over yet, Iím just home. The first time was for my leg and back hurting. I know thatís a really candy ass reason to go to the emergency room in a crisis situation, but read on. Turns out my leg was infected pretty bad, and I thought my back was from cutting up a tree (which if we hadnít done, no electrical juice for the homestead here). A huge dose of antibiotics through IV, some to take home and some pain meds and I was on my way. OK fine. NOT. I was back in a couple of days pissing an moaning about my back, it was hurting in a big way. I know what pain is too. For those of you who donít know, Iíve have five major bone surgeries, 18 pieces of metal put into me and ten taken out, Iíve also had a bone graft to fuse two vertebrae in my neck. Well I finally got their attention, so they did a cat scan and found a 5mm Kidney stone. So more pain meds and a ďthis too shall pass my sonĒ speech and I was on my way. Also they basically told me not to come back. I donít have insurance and the good olí boys at FEMA hadnít authorized them to work on me anymore. Our free hospital is in New Orleans, which is flooded and will never open again. FineÖ. I didnít like your hospital anyway! Well I donít care how bad passing a Kidney stone should feel, it doesnít have to feel like you are dieing. I could hardly breathe and I felt like somebody was stabbing me in the back. So I convinced the wife to bring me to another hospital that just opened back up. They did another cat scan found another record breaking stone holding up the works. This one was 4mm by 10mm, yes I said 10mm. This hospital wasnít letting me leave.

I stayed the night and in the morning they went in like Roto-Roter and yanked the thing out. Folks it only gets worse from here. The doc went in through the hole at the head of my prick. Your nuts hurt yet? No? Well keep reading. Turns out that stone was holding back the stone the other hospital seen. So they put in some plastic tube called a stint, and I still have to pass (read-piss out) the other stone. So as I type this, Iím drinking plenty of water and pissing out what looks like V8 tomato juice. I was told the blood is normal, but it still hurts like a mofo when I piss. Just one more stone to pass I keep saying to myself.

Helicopters sure are loud when carrying a 9000lb load. I know this because they start flying at sunup to sundown, over my house. Twin rotor Shwroskeys I think. (I canít research anything because I still donít have cable TV, internet or phone access.) From what I can see, they are busy fixing the holes in our levee system that caused so much death and destruction. They are dropping 3000lb bags of sand in the holes.
You can tell by the sound of the motors that they are loaded down, and the blades make a tremendous popping sound as they meet each other at the middle of the helicopter. I sure hope one of those bags doesnít fall off. It would be a real bitch to survive the storm, only to be pile driven into the ground by a sand bag. Two helicopters have crashed already, luckily everybody survived, canít say the same for the lineman from Oklahoma. That poor bastard was electrocuted to death. He was only trying to help us and got roasted.

Iím someplace where I shouldnít be. Itís an odd feeling because Iím lying in my own bed typing this. I live in the city of Waggaman, in Jefferson Parish. Thereís that ďParishĒ word again. Jefferson is the first Parish outside of New Orleans to the West. Itís also on the West bank of the Mississippi river. Itís quite a bit more rural then the East bank. Iíve only been here about two years. I grew up about five minutes from New Orleans on the East bank of the river. We didnít even have a bridge over the river until the 1930ís. The good old Huey P. Long bridge. Built for trains, adding cars was an afterthought. Narrow as hell, and sways around as trains pass over it. Thereís a lot of people here that refuse to cross it. Oh, and did I mention that when they built it they screwed up? Yep, itís crooked and by the time they noticed it, it was too late. So they said ďscrew itĒ I guess and just finished the bridge.
Oh, and the reason I shouldnít be here, Jefferson parish is closed for thee weeks. Iím a lot better off then my friend Billy. He and his girl friend lived in St.Charles Parish in the city of Chalmette. They managed to stick out the hurricane on the roof, and through a wild string of boats, helicopters, buses, and cars they are now safe in San Antonio, Texas.

St Charles Parish has been declared a total loss. Damn what destruction. It couldnít have been any worse if you dropped an atomic bomb on it. Over 60,000 people are now homeless. Some people canít go back for at least six months. An oil tank burst and soaked everything with this heavy crude. Yíall that stuff isnít even really oil yet, just a thick black tar. I have other friends there thatíll probably never see or hear from again.

In a few days, Iím going to be 40. I feel like a 100, yet I think Iím retarded, Iím stuck in a loop at the age of 15. This is mentioned because I born after the last great one. That is Hurricane Betsy in September 1965. Glad Iím not a girl, because my mom was going to name me Betsy. Sorry to all you Betsyís out there, but that a cows name for Christís sake. Was crack around in 1965? I guess the high winds affected my momís head. Everybody born after me has heard horror stories about Betsy. Well sorry folks, my Katrina just stomped your Betsyís ass into the ground. The hospital I was born in, in New Orleans, is never going to open again. Charity hospital was a free hospital, and I was born there because it was one of the few places still operational after Betsy.

Man my head is being bombed again. Itís 2:30 in the morning and now I have to bring my son to the hospital in the morning, heís sick now too. Damn, there is sickness, death, destruction and mind numbing crap going on all around me. Just promise me one thing, will ya? If I fall asleep, please donít let the clowns eat me, OK?

I still haven't gotten to FEMA, body counts, looting for fun, or trying to find food and help.

09-14-05, 09:13 PM
Hi RoundEye

Damn Man my hearts goes out to you & your Family. A terrible crisis most of us can't begin to imagine. :(

The only reassurance i have here is that Your a Tough SOB and if anyone can overcome this ordeal, you can.

I do hope your Sons okay and its nothing too serious.

Your All in my Prayers Tobey and I'm asking the Lord that everything will work out for You over time.

God Bless


09-14-05, 09:31 PM
:eek: Wow....I hope things can get settled down soon...best wishes for you and your son, I know being sick on top of everything else isn't what you guys need right now.

I'm going to save what you wrote RoundEye, it's really "eye opening" I guess you could say. Even though I really can't imagine it, no matter how many pictures or news clips I see....hell I am surrounded by a home, with a car...work my jobs, goto school...life is boring and normal as ever...while you and countless others their lives have been changed forever basically. :( It's not fair or right...I wish there was something more I could do besides donate money and blood.... :(

09-14-05, 09:49 PM
wow! I dont know what to say.

I only ever met 1 person named katrina and she was a real beyatch.

I truely wish the best for you and your family.
with all the environmental and uknown health hazards I would definately relocate my family for at least a year. Nobody knows what kind of long term damage can happen to people who have an over exposure to a major city that has turned to soup. why be a guinea pig?

forgive me if my advice seems underthought.

will be thinking of you and your family

concerned, Randy

09-14-05, 10:01 PM
Roundeye...you already know that if there's anything we can do for you, to let us know.

We've talked about them stones and yes..whey they rotozip them, it hurts to even think peeing for a couple of days cuz of that damed stint. The stint? Oh man...the Doctor didn't tell you did he? They don't put you to sleep to pull it out. Don't look when they insert that tool. Just grin like hell and don't pass gas because that doctor is gonna have at least one good looking nurse there, collecting all the warm water they use for a lubricant.

My god, I can't belive the first hospital missed that first stone. It's huge.

My heart goes out to you, and your family and all of the people of New Orleans.

As soon as things get back to somewhat normal around there....your going to get one dinner on me. I've promised it and I do keep my word.

Toby, stay safe and keep your family safe.


09-14-05, 10:13 PM
Kinda reads like Alice in WOnderland.

So RE, are you Alice?

Or the Mad Hatter.

Be safe big guy, and hold that family close

09-15-05, 07:34 AM
:( Damn RE! Just try and keep a positive mental attitude towards things and it will improve. I know it's easier saying that from my position..but try and do the best you can. :)

Prayers and thoughts!


09-15-05, 07:48 AM
I just read the entire post now and wow, really sorry to hear, dont know what else to say.

09-15-05, 08:29 AM
I just read RE's post.

:( I'm speechless. :(

09-15-05, 10:56 AM
Round Eye,

That was magnificently written, and writing things out can be such a healing process for you too. I cannot even begin to imagine the horrors you are living in..just watching some of the documentaries puts me in a state of total disbelief...and I am no where near the area.

The unknown an uncertainties are the ultimate of wicked foes. My heart and prayers are with you and yours. Please let us know how your son is doing...and do not forget to take care of you as well my friend...you have been to hell and back more times than most people could bear. Angel Blessings!!!

09-15-05, 11:03 AM
:( Damn RE! Just try and keep a positive mental attitude towards things and it will improve. I know it's easier saying that from my position..but try and do the best you can. :)

Prayers and thoughts!


Yeah Roundeye Things ill get better for you , and I will also continue to pray for you and your family aswell as all the hurrican victims.


09-15-05, 12:33 PM
:( Dude I hope things get better for you guys quickly. I hope everything turns out well for your family and friends.


09-15-05, 04:10 PM
A correction and some random info.
I was thinking about the mayor/parish stuff. The city of Harahan in Jefferson Parish has a mayor, they even have a small police force. So I donít really know how the parish system works after all these years. OK, so Iím a dumb ass. DOH!

There were winds gust measured as high as 195MPH during the storm. I didnít think
thereís any man made structure or levee that could have withstood that, but some did.

There are also reports that the mighty Mississippi river actually flowed backwards during
the storm surge. Yea, Katrina was trying to leave a lasting impression for certain.

Back to the storyÖÖÖÖ.

Riding around today trying to find an open doctorís office and one that would take my sonís insurance was a futile effort at best. Heís a bit horse when he talks, but other then that heís fine. No fever or anything. Otherwise I wouldíve been kicking ass until somebody treated him. Just goes to show thereís nothing here, not even decent medical care.

Thereís just piles of trash, tress, and the contents of people homes everywhere. Itís mind blowing to me still. As many people all over the world know now, we are a low lying city. Drainage canals are everywhere, and you can smell them for a long ways away now, a combination of smells to please the neighborhood. Itís kind of a raw sewerage, natural gas, rotting meat sort of stench. Real pleasant to be around if you are a ďsticking your head up goatseís assĒ kind of person.

The roads are mostly clear, but working traffic signals are far and few inbetween. Lots of car wrecks all over, and if you think you are going to find a cop to help, good luck. There better be brain matter on the windshield, maybe theyíll stop then. They are busy you know, catching the likes of looters and stuff.

Speaking of looters, there are two kinds the way I see it. People who are just trying to survive by taking food and something to drink. Donít eat for four days and see if you donít bust out the glass at you local donut shop. Then there are the other idiots. The city is flooded, no electricity and you and your friend are walking up the street with a new VCR and an air conditioner. Good going Einstein, I hope you are standing in knee-deep water when you plug you new VCR into a faulty A/C socket.

The looting got so bad that the president of Jefferson Parish, Aaron Broussard, came over the radio and declared that Jefferson Parish had succeeded from the Union. At that point we no longer belonged to the United States of America. Why was this done? So that we could declare martial law, set up a curfew and to instruct the cops to ďshoot to killĒ. All said and done they shot eight looters. We had no backup from the National Guard, and no idea if and when the military was going to arrive. It was bad, bands of looters that were well armed driving around in large trucks, just looking for their next hit. You should see the banks and ATM machines around here. Those guys showed no fear or mercy.

They sad story is about the New Orleans cops (N.O.P.D) a bunch of them left, not to be seen or heard from again. People were trying to overrun the police stations and kill them! Two of the cops committed suicide, overwhelmed about the fact that their families where killed in the storm, so that could go to work and help protect their community, and a third was shot in the head by looters. I got to give to the ones who stuck it out, it took balls of steel.

This leads into those absolutely useless, waste of skin and souls, dip****s called F.E.M.A. When they came in to ďsaveĒ New Orleans, the only place that was close and not flooded, was a small stadium in Jefferson. They thought they were in total control, but our sheriff Harry Lee showed them. As hard as things were, F.E.M.A. decided they needed all of our resources. They commandeered gas supplies, they also cut the antenna wires on the police station transmitter towers and put up their own antennas. Why? Because the police in Jefferson we smart enough to have large backup generators, F.E.M.A. seemed to have forgotten their generators at home. Man did that ever cause the **** to hit the fan when there was no comm. link for our cops, plus they told the J.P.ís (Jefferson Police) they couldnít have any fuel without written permission from Washington. F.E.M.A. changed their minds real quick about that when Harry Lee decided to pack up his S.W.A.T. team and drive over to the gas station. Keep in mind we still didnít really belong to the union at this point, and we werenít taking any crap from any Feds. I guess you would have to know about some of Harryís antics to understand him. Years ago he ordered the streets and bridges department to put up some heavy duty barricades, the problem is it was across some main streets that crossed from Jefferson Parish into New Orleans Parish. His reason, if New Orleans couldnít control their criminals he wasnít letting anybody in his parish. He refused to take them down for about a week, but he got his point across.

I was just watching the news and good old Harry set up another barricade at the parish line. This one is stirring up a lot of ****, in a big way. In New Orleans thereís another bridge that crosses the river, built in the 1960ís, I believe. When you cross the bridge you leave New Orleans and enter Jefferson. In all the chaos that was happening Harry wasnít letting anybody in, not even if you lived in Jefferson. He had attack dogs, cops with semi-automatic weapons and shotguns. Full riot gear, S.W.A.T. team cops. Of course people didnít like this, but he was trying to maintain order in a world of total chaos and pandemonium.

Turn around and walk your ass back. Sounds cruel but what are you supposed to do? One wise ass decided he was going to climb on the roof of a multi-million dollar mall and set it on fire. When he was caught and arrested the crowd got really nasty. Depending on whoís side of the story you listen to, ďa shotĒ or ďmany shotsĒ were fired into the air. 1000ís of people were about to attack the cops, I guess the cops were just trying to stay alive at this point. People got the hint and backed off quick. The guy burnt to the ground the only large mall we had on the westbank.

Another odd little fact to note, out of all people, the actor Stephen Segal has been a Deputy in the Jefferson police force for about 15 years now. You can see him, in full police gear, at Harryís side during T.V. interviews. He wonít talk to reporters, I guess heís there to protect Harry.

Also for those of you who think we shouldnít have the right to own guns, keep this in mind. Criminals will always find a way to arm themselves. We had no help from any body for days, the only way to get food and water was to find a store where the owners had the smarts to buy guns, and had the balls to stand up to looters. My family and neighbors were all well armed and we all watched each otherís backs. In fact the police caught a stolen truck with about 15 armed looters about two miles from my home. We actually seen the guys drive by and just knew there was no good coming from this.

Just keep in mind, at that point we were living in wild west, third world conditions. No electricity, no water or food, no communications, and no idea if and when help would ever arrive. It was an every man for himself, survival of the fittest type situation.

ÖÖÖand it still is along most of the Gulf Coast.

I told yíall, the New Orleans metro area is a wild place to live. I wonder if we (Jefferson Parish) joined the Union yet.

Just when the helicopters let up some, the planes start. Right about sunset they fly by at tree top level. So weeks after the storm, my house still shakes now and then. The flies and mosquitoes have gotten so bad that the military is spraying the whole city. I donít know what kind of planes they are using, but they come by low and fast, and again itís quite loud.

Another note, I donít want yíall to think Iím complaining about this. Iím just writing about it, in some ways I guess this is my way to deal with it all. Iím lucky, my family is OK and I still have a home. Some people have lost everything that they and their families have worked generations to have. ĖPOOF- you family history is gone for generations back, now that is tragic.

.......more to come.

09-15-05, 07:53 PM
Hi Tobey

Thanks for the further info Tobey. Hopefully it will act as a catharsis for you as well. Your mind must be reeling from all that's taken place.

Stay strong and know a lot of good Folks have you in mind and are Praying for your needs to be met.




09-15-05, 11:00 PM
Just like in Florida when hurricanes hit, all the shiesters came out, there were contractors taking the peoples FEMA money and taking off with it. I wouldn't be surprised if 50-70% of those looters were there from other states and aren't even from NO or even Louisiana. I bet every creep from thousands of miles away went there specifically to loot just like they did in Florida.


09-16-05, 12:31 AM
Damn Roundeye, there are no words.

My wife shared in your rotorooting session. She just had her stent taken out at the end of July. I know, kind of stupid to put this here in light of things, but maybe it'll take your mind off of life for 5 seconds?

09-16-05, 04:13 PM
Update: While not denying shots were fired, the police state that they were trying to maintain order while getting busses. They found a bunch of busses from where ever they could and drove people to the evacuation center at the airport. Makes me feel better knowing people were not just abandon on the bridge.

Also some parts of New Orleans is letting people back in, depends on what zip code you live in. Donít expect to have water, electricity, food telephones, cable T.V. or any modern convenience though. You need an I.D. proving where you live and there will be searches for drugs and weapons as you come back in. The mayor, Ray Nagin, gave a very stern warning to criminals trying to get back in also. There is a zero tolerance on crime, and many people are being shipped straight to Angola, our state penitentiary. A very high percentage of people who walk in there never make it out alive.

He also stated that after all of this, the N.O.P.D. has a very intimate relationship with the city and they ďwill not take any crap from anyoneĒ. Heís been quite blunt and hasnít held his tongue during this. He also noted that along with a well-armed police force is the U.S. Marines, ready with fully automatic weapons and bazookas for the guys who think they are really tough. I think at this point there are about 1200 N.O.P.D and over 14,000 military personnel securing the city. Their not playing any games in N.O. kids, itís a war zone.

Ö..and the saga continues.

A cloud with a razor sharp silver lining. A friend of mine finally called me back today. Iíve been worried about him and his wife and must have called them a million times. For one, their house is in N.O. and secondly, heís a captain in the N.O.P.D, homicide division. Heís one of the guys that stuck it out. They lost everything they owned except for their two cars, which some how made it through all the crap while parked at the Superdome. At one point the very top of his house was two feet under water. He still canít get to his house, not even with a Zodiac boat.

He and his wife stayed in abandon hotels, then an abandon retirement home for a while and now he just got to some place with electricity. Convincing the wife he was safe, he finally got her to go stay at a friendís home in Baton Rouge.

After talking to him for a while, it makes me ashamed to say Iím from New Orleans. The police were targets, shot at on a regular basis. Even the rescue workers in helicopters were shot at. I get the impression that many dead bodies were found with bullet wounds. While talking to him I told him I was worried about him too, he said ďdonít worry, when you are crazy, 56 years old, and carry a M-16 with three extra 30 round clips in your pocket, you donít have too many problemsĒ. He hasnít put that gun down for almost two weeks.

Our phone called ended with his beeper going off and his Nextel ringing, ďsorry man, I gotta go, stay safeĒ, and that was it. If yíall want to pray for somebody, pray for Juan, his family and the N.O.P.D. Military presence or not, those guys are living in Danteís Inferno.

Why canít I get help? At this point I am screwed for any financial help from the government, local, state or federal. Granted I didnít have to leave my home nor did I lose everything I own, but my wife and I havenít worked since the storm. I donít have a clue when the place I work at is going to reopen. I donít know where the owner lives, and the manager lives across the lake. He has to cross the Causeway Bridge which is 24 miles long, and itís only open to emergency traffic right now. My wifeís work is destroyed, no telling whatís going to happen with that.

So whatís the hold up on financial help? I tried to start my own business a couple of months ago, even though most of my income is from working four days a week on motorbikes. F.E.M.A. is going to send me a packet on how to get a loan from the small business association. How in the **** am I going to get that, we donít even have mail service. So far I havenít been approved for any financial help from F.E.M.A.

As far as the state goes, they donít pay unemployment to people who own a business. Keep in mind I havenít shown any profits yet and a lot of my stock was lost when a tree smashed the shed to pieces.

So if you are rich, you should have enough money to hold you over for a while, if you got evacuated or lost your home, everybody in the world will give you money (which you damn well deserve). So if you are just a middle class working stiff like me, bend over you are getting it dry and hard. Donít get me wrong, I am VERY grateful for what I have, but I got bills to pay too, and no way to get any money. Jefferson Parish is closed for three weeks, remember?

Well I got to get some sleep now, tomorrows going to be another long day. Got to go hit up the Red Cross for some more food, try and find a new doctor for my son, and see if I can get food stamps so that I can get something to eat other then mostly M.R.E.ís.

Yíall take care, and keep an eye out for clowns for me.

The vultures are coming out already. You know, the other group of soulless bastards called lawyers. They filed two multibillion class action lawsuits against the major oil companies, stating that oil drilling and exploration caused damage to our wetlands resulting in the flooding to New Orleans. Give me a break, ABSOLUTLY NOTHING could have prevented what happened here. My God, that storm was massive.

The oil companies lost almost all of their drilling platforms in the Gulf of Mexico and now this, donít expect gas to ever come down to a reasonable price anytime soon.

Speaking of the St.Louis Cathedral earlier, thatís what Bush decided to use as a backdrop. He was in front of Jackson Square, which is the courtyard that leads to the front of the church. Iím glad we are getting help from the feds, but I feel bad about it. Itís kind of like borrowing money from a friend, because you went on a drinking binge and canít afford to pay your bills now. I just donít know how the U.S. is going to be able to afford this and the money being spent in Iraq. I just feel like we have become a burden on the rest of the world. What else can we do though? With the damage we have, itís just too much for us to work our way out of it.

Thank you world for saving our collective asses.

09-16-05, 04:57 PM
Unbelievable stuff RE. All of it. Don't know how so many survived all of it.

Stay on top of it RE. Our thoughts are with ya.

09-17-05, 04:44 AM
At the moment here we are watching Opra Winfrey's visit to NO.
Everyone should try to watch this show.
Blowing me away.

09-17-05, 08:52 PM
Another birthday come and gone. Yep, Iím the big four-oh. This one was like a birthday, Thanksgiving, and Christmas all rolled up into one. My mom was going to throw a surprise party for me, but with some of my friends scattered all over the United States, and others M.I.A., we just had dinner at my momís house. Plus I had my very own thread at SpeedGuide.

My wife somehow found the stuff to bake a cake. In a world that milk, eggs, bread or anything that has to be refrigerated is virtually unobtainable, thatís nothing short of a miracle. We have some small stores that are open, but you better be standing in front of the right store, at the right time to get what you need. Another good thing that happened is that I can officially go home, although I never really left. The city I live in has been declared safe to re-enter, although the rest of the parish probably canít come back for one to two weeks. Itís still hard for me to imagine packing up some clothes, leaving town for a month, and just hoping my house is here when I get back. We still have a dusk to dawn curfew though, donít leave your house at night because you will get stopped and questioned. If you donít have a damn good reason for being outside, off to jail you go. There is no Land of the Free around here right now, we will be under martial law for months to come.

Like the flies, the chainsaws are driving me crazy. Now that people are coming home, they are starting to clear their yards. It starts early in the morning and last most of the day. I guess it bothers me so much because even sitting in my own home, itís a reminder of all the destruction just outside my front door. Speaking of cutting trees up, a crew of professional tree cutters seen one of trees blocking our driveway and asked my dad if they could cut it up. He said ďOK, but Iím not going to pay you for itĒ He had planed on cutting it up later. Itís a pecan tree probably over a hundred years old and about twenty feet across. I think they were curious if they could do it. After about half a day and some badass chain saws, they gave up. They did put a good size dent in it, but the tree wore their ass out. Weíre talking about a crew of about 15 pro tree cutters too. Tree 1 - Pro Guys 0.

Another old fixture in New Orleans is the WWL TV station. They have been broadcasting for so long that they arenít even required to use four call letters like the rest of the radio and tv stations in the U.S. do. There are a few exceptions, but depending on what side of the Mississippi river you are on, you have to use either K or W the beginning of your call letters. So we have radio stations like WRNO and KKND. Anyway back to the story, last night about one in the morning they were showing footage of the city. It was from a helicopter during the day, and it lasted for about two hours. No talking, all you could hear is the helicopter engine running. Man that did ever make things hit home as they flew over the city and the surrounding metro area. Destruction and mud everywhere, you couldnít even see the streets in many areas because of the mud or water. Every now and then I could see a landmark that I recognized but everything around it was gone, completely devastated or still flooded. The world as I knew it will never be the same again.

Just when you thought it couldnít get any more like a horror movie. Itís not bad enough that the rescue workers have to deal with snipers, packs of wild dogs, snakes and alligators coming in from the swamp, now caskets are starting to pop up from the cemeteries. In New Orleans we have buried people above ground for centuries. Thatís what gives us those unique haunted looking cemeteries. This reason for this is because of flooding and the low-lying water table, it causes caskets to pop up from under the ground. I guess in more modern times some people have forgotten about this, plus they buried people in areas that never flooded before. Well Katrina dealt us a new hand. Almost as in the Korn song, ďDead Bodies EverywhereĒ. Now the coroner has to ID bodies that have been shot, drowned in the storm and have been dead for years. I donít know what New Orleans did wrong, but as they say in the voodoo world, ďsomebody done put a gris-gris on usĒ.

Talked to another friend of mine today finally, he lives about an hours drive outside the city in a very rural area. In fact they only have one little store and one red light. He was telling me about a lady that got shot in the leg for a bag of ice. I just donít know what to think of people anymore, itís not just New Orleans either, you can bet you ass that the same thing would happen anywhere in this country. Just take away everything people worked their whole lives to get, donít feed them for four days, cut them of from communicating with the outside world, and see what happens. I not trying to justify what happened in any way, but desperate times call for desperate (but stupid) measures. He had a house full of people who had evacuated, and at that point nobody left the house alone or unarmed.

Iím starting to feel like Iím living in a Mad Max/Day of the Dead movie. I REALLY wish this were all just a bad dream. No dice, itís all too real. A lot of great people from the military and police forces from all over the world, and just ordinary citizens have done some heroic things, but still to this day if you donít watch your ass youíre gonna wind up dead.

*Just a little note, writing this in some ways helps my head get a little better, itíll never be rightÖ.it never was. (Iím sure the rest of the world is getting tired of the media blitz) If yíall are ready for me to stop all this nonsense, just shoot me a PM and Iíll keep it on my laptop.
This will also come to you in an IMAX film one day. They were down here staging rescues for an upcoming film on Hurricanes right before the storm hit. I seen the director on TV and he said all that is scrapped now, they have more real rescues and tragedy then they ever dreamed of. I guess be careful what you ask for, you might just get it.

09-17-05, 10:28 PM
Better than watching all this on the news, my friend.

Thanks for the update.

Let us know when the mail starts rolling again!!

09-18-05, 11:04 AM
Better than watching all this on the news, my friend.

Thanks for the update.

Let us know when the mail starts rolling again!!

:nod: I agree man you just dont get that kind of info from the news!

great read about sad events

09-18-05, 10:49 PM

If anyone here PM's you about stopping you kindly forward them to me.


09-19-05, 07:49 PM
I still can't decide whether your Alice, The Mad Hatter, or maybe the damn Rabbit.

09-22-05, 07:44 PM
I just canít believe we have another major storm coming. If this thing wipes out another major metro area like Houston, we are in deep trouble. When I say ďweĒ, I mean the U.S.

I donít think many people realize the impact this will have on the transportation of goods. There are major shipping/transportation routes along the coast between the Houston area and New Orleans. If Houston is impacted like New Orleans, I donít have a clue what this will do our economy. Along the river and Gulf coast we move tons of grain products for the farmers in the Midwest, plus we import tons upon tons of goods into the U.S. New Orleans is a lot smaller then Houston too, hold on everybody itís going to be a bumpy ride.

Watching the news I seen railbeds completely washed out from under the tracks, the tracks were still there, and at one point people were hanging on to them for their lives. A 12 mile long bridge for I-10 is gone, that will take years to rebuild. No major transportation route has gone unaffected, rail, highway, or water. Also the major oil companies have taken a huge hit, and they are going to ream our asses to pay for it.

I donít know how it happened, but some where along the line everybody was fooled into thinking that the levee system was safe, even NASA. You know that huge tank under the shuttle, well guess where thatís built? In New Orleans East, one of the harder hit areas from Katrina. NASA has moved all itís employees, from the Micoud plant, to Florida so the shuttle can stay on schedule. Most of the people that work for major companies are doing OK, yes they lost a lot or everything, but they still have a paycheck coming in. Me, Iím still not back to work, and now Rita is going to delay that even more.

I finally seen my friend that was evacíed to San Antonio, I could right a book alone on what he has been through. The only thing he got to save from thier home was their wedding rings. He and his girlfriend bought a home together and were getting married soon. He was telling me that it took about five minutes for the water to go up to the top of the doorframe of his house, then it slowed some. At that point he had no idea two levees had broken, and they were stuck in the middle of the two. Just imagine this, he swam out of his attic, had to dive down to the dresser to get the rings, then swim back up to the attic. The man was swimming and diving in his damn home for wedding rings. Unfreakingbelievable! The reason for the ringsÖÖ.. standing in rising water in his attic, during a hurricane, they said their vows to each other and put on the rings, then he started kicking out the roof. If they were going to die, they didnít want to die unmarried. They have nothing but the rings and each other now.

One of his main complaints through all this was having to sit in a closet to take a dump. The place they were evacíed to had no TV, radio, bathrooms or showers. The bathroom was a closet with one of those folding toilets that you would use while camping. The smell was unreal throughout the building. Out of all he had been through, he went on most about this. I could tell he was worn to a frazzle, and after listening to him for a while, he just nodded off on my sofa.

Talking about being fooled by the levee system, when they bought the house they were told that they werenít in a flood zone, and didnít need flood insurance (which they bought anyway). Not a flood zone?!?! By the time the storm was over they were hanging onto the hole in the roof because the water was so high. He got on the roof during the storm and all he could see was rooftops and power lines, then he got back into the hole to ride the storm out because he was being hit with so much debris.

All this has me questioning everything Iíve ever been told by our local government.

Another friend of mine found his step dad two weeks after the storm, dead. He had moved out the house long before his mom remarried and wasnít very close to his step dad, none the less it doesnít make it any easier. They tried like hell to get the old guy to leave, but he wouldnít, kept going on about how many storms heís been through, and ďI ainít going no whereĒ. My friend said ďthink of it as a vacationĒ even offered to take him any place he wanted to go. He wasnít budging, they almost gave him a heart attack trying to drag his ass out the house. Finally they had to go, and headed for Florida. I can tell heís bummed out and guilt ridden about it. His mom is in her 70ís, has no home or companionship now.

The worst part about it is not having anyone to retrieve the body. All they could do was report to the police where the body was, and wait for somebody to go get him at a later date. The only way he could describe it is ďit wasnít nothing niceĒ. I canít even begin to imagine finding my dad/wife/husband/brother/sister/mom/ect. about two weeks after they had died, then turn around and leave their body there under all the debris.

If you love somebody, let them know NOW, you just never know whatís going to come along and take them away from you.

The EPA and local government is trying hard to clean the water before itís pumped out of the city. At last report I think they said that they have removed something like 25,000 barrels of oil/gas/toxins from the water. Just a drop in the bucket in the big scheme of things, but I sure am happy they are at least trying. Not only had a large oil tank burst, the railroads evacíed all their people out, and left thousands of railcars behind full of chemicals. Well those were flooded and spilled out too. Louisiana is now thinking about passing legislation about leaving the railcars behind during a mandatory evacuation. Why should there even have to be a law about this? I wonder what dumb ass decided to leave behind those cars in the path of a major hurricane. Itís not like they didnít know it wasnít coming, itís not a frigging Earthquake. Another candidate for my Katrina Einstein club.

As I type this we are starting to get wind and rain along the outer bands of Rita. Just great, all the help we were getting just packed up and headed out. Believe it or not some of the dumb asses from F.E.M.A. headed toward Baton Rouge for safety. More in the path of the storm they are trying to get protection from. When they left the city of Slidell, they told the sheriff where they were going, he tried to tell them it wasnít a good idea. They said thatís where they were instructed to go and left. Are these morons robots or something? These idiots canít even change their underwear without written permission from Washington. Iím not talking about rescue teams either, Iím talking about people with laptops who were sent down here to help with paperwork.

Iím fed up with F.E.M.A. and our governor Kathleen Blanco. F.E.M.A. Has one thumb up their ass, and their other hand in their front pocket playing pocket pool. People can say what they want about Bush, but that bitch Blanco didnít ask for help from the feds for about three days after the storm. From what I hear, we were declared a disaster zone by Bush a day before the storm even hit. Iím not a huge fan of Bush, but we need to make sure people know what really happened. Mayor Ray Nagin was screaming for help on TV for days before anybody gave him any help. People/police/fireman/Coast Guard where literally fighting for their lives in N.O. Kathleen Blanco can kiss my shiny white ass.

Let me say this, the Coast Guard risked their lives, under fire, to save the lives of 1000ís of people trapped on their roofs. In one or another I think they rescued over 20,000 people.

The police are also under ungodly amounts of stress, not only have then been working 24/7 for weeks on end, now because of Rita they have no place to stay. The city of New Orleans struck a deal with Carnival Cruise lines, who docks their ships at the wharf along the river. They would ďrentĒ the cruise liners to the city so that essential city employees would have a place to stay. Now because of Rita they pulled the ships away from the city. Over 450 police and fireman have to find some place to stay again. Not an easy thing to do in a city, still mostly without power, water, food or houses that havenít been flooded.
Like the famous Mr. Rogers, can we say ďthird world conditionsĒ kids?

At least I have a roof over my head and electricity.

The parish of St.Bernard, who was hit the hardest (yes, there are places worse off then New Orleans), couldnít pay their police after the 15th. It took emergency money from the state to pay them. The police chief was saying that they didnít get paid enough in the first place and there was no way he could keep them from their family any longer, just to protect a city that has to be completely bulldozed anyway.

WellÖ..I have to go now, Iíve got another damn storm to get ready for. Do me another favor, call somebody you love and talk to them for a while tonight. Itís important, trust me.

09-23-05, 04:54 AM
Pour it on RE. As much as you can. The message you are sending out reflects the message of thousands.
Stay safe, you and yours.


09-27-05, 09:09 PM
Water, water go away. We didnít get a direct hit from Rita, but the storm surge was higher then anticipated. On the news they are debating if the levee was breeched by high water or if it broke again. A guy sent in an email to the news station, he sounded fairly livid by the wording of the email, he stated that what difference does it make how the water is getting in, his house is being flooded again. At this point houses that had been pumped dry have about eight feet of water in them again.

So far along the Gulf Coast, Alabama, all of Mississippiís coast, all of Louisianaís coast, and part of Texasí coast have been or will be destroyed. The part of Texasí and Louisianaís coast that is being hit supply about twenty percent of the nationís gas. There is a bunch of refineries in that area. I would be willing to bet that gas prices will be in the four to five dollar range soon. Luckily in a way, since Louisiana is in a state of emergency they canít raise the price of gas more then fifty cents. Our gas is running from $2.60 to $2.99 right now, if you can find any.

I seen something on the news that really bothered me in a big way, in Galveston there is a facility that studies some of the most deadly viruses known to mankind. The guy that ran it went on about how the building is safe, made with ten inch, steel reinforced concrete and there is a large amount of security, but itís all electronically controlled. He admitted that there are six known deadly viruses there now, and when pressed by the newscaster admitted that there could be more. What happens if all their generators get flooded by the storm surge, like the surge that hit here in New Orleans? I just canít believe that they would build something like that in such a volatile area. Galveston is an island off the coast of Texas at that, it can and has been virtually wiped of the map by hurricanes, it has no coastal protection what so ever. Folks we have a ton more candidates for the Katrina/Rita Einstein club here.

Something else that has been really pissing me off, is what people that live in other parts of the country are saying about all of this. Iíve heard everything from New Orleans should be leveled and a state park built, to only rich people should live along the coast since they can afford to rebuild without help from the government. Granted there is no God given right or anything in the Constitution that states that you house or business would be rebuilt just like it was before the storm, but all we are asking for is help to protect our city, rebuilding the infrastructure and some type of temporary housing for people that have lost everything.

As small as New Orleans is, we provide a huge amount of jobs for people throughout the United States. We provide seafood for many industries and restaurants, almost all of the coffee you drink comes in through the Port of Orleans, we move tons of raw food products such as grain, corn, ect. for farmers all along the river and throughout the midwest, we also are a major importer/exporter for products coming from and going to South America and Europe, not to mention oil and gas production. There are also many small countries whoís GNP relies on product moved through the Port of Orleans. Yep, making New Orleans a big ass park would do wonders for the economics of the U.S.
Random notes:
Our power is out again, glad Iím using my laptop.

Cellphone service is also down.

Our electric company just filed for bankruptcy, they said that the storm caused on an average of $100,000 of damage per household served, plus they lost the income of over 140,000 homes that are unable to take power right now. I have no idea what happens when a major utility files for bankruptcy. Oh no, maybe thatís why I have no power right now.

This one is scary, our Governor came on TV and asked people who canít or wonít evacuate to write their Social Security number on their arm. The reason is that our coroners are overwhelmed with all the dead bodies, and this way itíll make it easier to ID the dead and notify your next of kin.

Gotta go now, I can barely see what Iím typing and I need to catch the rabid monkeys hiding in my closet. Hmmm, I wonder where I can get some monkey bait from?

Oh, did you let somebody know that you love them yet? Iím gonna start kicking ass if yíall donít start making those calls soon. I know Santa Claus real well, and if you donít call heíll let me know.

10-01-05, 02:31 AM
I finally seen my friend that was evacíed to San Antonio, I could right a book alone on what he has been through.

You know this may not be a bad idea. You have a lot of interesting stuff here. It is refreshing to read something written by someone with your writing abilities, and someone who is not putting a phony spin on the story.

I would think there has to be somebody, who reads SpeedGuide, would know how to get such a book published. If it had pictures all the better. I know I would buy one. What you have written is a good start.

Good luck

10-01-05, 10:40 AM
You know this may not be a bad idea. You have a lot of interesting stuff here. It is refreshing to read something written by someone with your writing abilities, and someone who is not putting a phony spin on the story.

I would think there has to be somebody, who reads SpeedGuide, would know how to get such a book published. If it had pictures all the better. I know I would buy one. What you have written is a good start.

Good luck

Absolutely!!! What a beautiful natural talent!! :p

10-03-05, 08:50 PM
You know this may not be a bad idea. You have a lot of interesting stuff here. It is refreshing to read something written by someone with your writing abilities, and someone who is not putting a phony spin on the story.

I would think there has to be somebody, who reads SpeedGuide, would know how to get such a book published. If it had pictures all the better. I know I would buy one. What you have written is a good start.

Good luck
blacklabDidn't Kip write a book?

10-06-05, 12:26 AM
Sorry about not updating more, but Iíve been trying to not think about what was going on around me, it was starting to get me too depressed and clouding my judgment. Plus a major fiber optic line for Bell South broke, and if I can connect at 21k itís a miracle. Just opening Google takes about 20 seconds or so, and a thread at SpeedGuide takes about 2 minutes per page, if there arenít any pictures. I finally got Outlook setup on my laptop to check my mail, and it took about 45 minutes to download all my mail from two accounts. Most of which was freaking spam.

Die Spammers Die!

I got to sit in traffic yesterday, which most people hate, but to me itís a good thing. It means people are finally coming home and back to work. Most of New Orleans is still closed off though. Itís a big difference then when there was just a couple of cars here and there, it looked like a ghost town There are signs up everywhere for people wanting to rip up carpet and tear out sheetrock. We even made a few, but havenít had any calls yet. Nasty as hell work, but at least itís income till I can find a regular job.

My friend that had to kick his roof out to get out of his home, got to go see it. After being flooded for a month, he said there is nothing to save. They had to break the doors down to get in, there was about a foot deep muck which was a combo of mud, sewage and crude oil from the tanks that burst. All the ceiling fans and light fixtures were broken from the furniture floating up and smashing them. His motorbikes were black like they had been in a fire. All the aluminum had oxidized and the plastic was smashed from the power of the water pushing them around the garage, plus a large toolbox had flipped over on one of them. After all that I think they could only save about enough stuff to fill two five gallon buckets. Everything you every worked for your whole life, reduced to two five gallon buckets, what a bummer. We were talking on the phone and I just hear in his voice how dejected he was, after a bit he said he didnít want to talk about it anymore and just wanted to go to bed. I really canít blame him, sounded like he needed to escape it all for a while.
If there could be any good at all in his life, at least he credit was good. A lot of car dealers are deferring payments until the end of January next year. He was looking for a used truck and right now everybody and their grandmother wants a truck. Used trucks are just a couple of thousand dollars less then a new one right now. So he was able to get into a new Nissan with nothing down. Lucky for him the dealer couldnít verify that he doesnít even have a job right now. I was talking to him about being able to make the payments come January, he said by then he should be working and if he canít make the payments so what, let them have the truck back. Heís lost everything and doesnít care if his credit goes south. Itís not the right way to think about the matters at hand, but who am I to argue with a man who almost drowned in his attic and lost everything heís ever owned. At least for now he has transportation to look for a job. Hell, heís living with his mom about 90 miles from his old house, itís not like he can jump on a bus to get to work. Plus the insurance company agreed to give him about 24 thousand for his old car and bikes that were flooded, heís going to dump about 20 grand on the truck note. Iíll believe the insurance company when he has the check in his hand, they told my father in-law they would give him 6K for his truck only to turn around a week later and reduce it to $3200. Heís not a happy camper right now and told them to tear up the claim. That freaked out the insurance company, Iím curious how thisíll play out now. Heís a siding subcontractor and canít do without his truck, not even for a day.

My other friend whose step-dad died is having it rough too. (I keep saying ďmy friendĒ because I donít want to use too many names on the net without their consent)
I didnít know it but his mom is in the beginning stages of Alzheimerís. So every few days she ask to go home and they have to remind her of what happened. That has to be a living hell for his whole family. Really nice old lady and very polite, but I know along with her Alzheimerís her eyes must be really bad. Every time we go over there she tells me how good looking I am, and she ask my wife if itís OK that she says that. Now I know Iím no Fabio and anybody who keeps telling me that Iím attractive canít be in their right mind and damn near blind. Donít get mad at me on how I phrased this, Iím not making fun of his mom, Iím making fun of myself. His birthday was Oct. 1 and my wife baked a cake for him and we brought it over. It was nice to see him smile and everybody forget about the dismal bull **** going on outside for a while.

I found another candidate for the Katrina Einstein clubÖ.ME!
We were riding around and I noticed one of those Sponge Bob space walk things in the trash. So I got out and threw it in the back of the van for my son to play with. When we got to my in-laws I pulled it out and set it up. I plugged it in and when I reached down to turn it onÖ.. it bit me hard! I felt like I was in an electric chair. I got stiff and couldnít let go, so everybody is standing around just staring at me, I mean hell man, the hair was standing up on my arms and I couldnít move or talk. It took everything in my power to let go. It couldnít have been any worse had I stuck a paper clip in the wall socket. After that I was weak in the knees, and my whole body was tingling, I think I have a few more gray hairs too. So the next day I took the motor apart and dried it out

Now hereís the kicker, after embarrassing myself in front of a bunch of people garbage digging, damn near killing myself turning it on, cleaning it off real well so it would be safe for my son, he wonít get in it. I mean he is scared ****less of it, to the point of crying his eyes out, which is rare for him. Well, as many of you know already, Iím not the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree, but at that point I bet I could have lit up a whole neighborhood full of Christmas lights. :rotfl:

We took pretty good ride last night since the curfew has been lifted, the piles of trash everywhere is just unbelievable some of them are at least two stories high. We went to the wealthier neighborhoods that are near the lakefront and took most of the storm surge. They are doing pretty good at cleaning up, I guess because of their income they are able to hire private contactors to remove the debris. I seen a projection TV that was so big it wouldnít fit in my van, I was tempted to take it, but I wasnít killing myself over a TV that I probably couldnít fix anyway. It sure would have been nice to play the Playstation on that TV, with my son in his room, when he gets old enough to play. Oh well.
Speaking of trash removal, before it can be picked up, private contractors from the EPA have to sort through it. They remove things such as cleaning materials, paint cans, gas cans, propane tanks, refrigerators (which later on they reclaim the freon and remove the rotten food) and any other hazardous materials, which they canít identify. I have to give big time credit to the guys on the refrigerator duty, that has to be one hell of a nasty job. The rotten food has to be treated as a biohazard. I guess they are going to bury it somewhere far away from the general population. If they burn it, itís going to be one of the worst smelling BBQís in US history. YUCK!Ö. sure hope itís downwind from my home..

Some random facts:
So far 140,000 houses have been condemned, and thatís just the houses that they can get to. They have big Orange stickers on them letting the owners know, when they come back, the house has to be razed. Down to the slab and start over.

Approximately 230,000 cars have been totaled.

If I remember correctly there is 23 billon tons of trash that has to be removed, at this point they are trying to figure out where to put if all. The EPA is letting them burn the trees and non-toxic materials. We have a park thatís about 100 acres, and they are bringing trees there to be shredded, which then they load up into large trucks to bring to the dump. I would bet that when we drove by, the shredded trees were at least 60 feet high. Iím not sure how high power lines are, but it was higher then the power lines.

Iíve lost my appetite for eggs for a while. While I was taking care of my bathroom duties this morning, my son figured out how to open the refrigerator. He also figured out how to open the egg cartons. Well he decided to throw two dozen, yep 24 eggs, right over the baby gate into the hall. Wouldnít have been too bad if we didnít have carpet in the hall. Man was that ever a mess with all the yokes and shells broken all over the place, and soaked into the carpet. Iíll tell you what, Humpty Dumpty didnít need all the Kingís men or the Kingís Horses, he needed a damn trauma center. I had a little egg war zone going on down there.

ÖÖÖThatís all I needed, the kids only 20 months old and the very first house he decides to egg is his own. If he puts me through just half the crap that I put my parents through, Iím going to need a straight jacket by the time Iím 50 (like I donít need one now, but thatís a whole nother book).

We finally started getting some TV stations back on line, and the ones that have been
online from the beginning have stopped the 24/7 hurricane coverage and started showing
some regular network programming again. Network TV sucks donkey nads. Iím more of
a History, Discovery channel type of person. Daytime soap operas drive me nuts, itís not
like I donít have enough problems of my own, Iím going to sit down and watch
somebody elseís drama?!?! Yeah Right, Iíd rather clamp my nuts in a vice (tight).

Itís times like this that I have to close my eyes and think back in time some. The last real vacation was when we flew to Detroit to the see The Who. We met up Noeveo, BMED
and one other guy from SpeedGuide, whose name I canít remember (sorry). Anyway we went to the concert with Noeveo and his wife and after that my wife and I rented a car and drove through Canada to Niagara Falls. A good ways downstream of the falls is some steps that lead down to the river. After a decent little hike we climbed over some large stones and sat on a big flat rock for a couple of hours. Didnít talk much at all, just sat there enjoying the sun and the sound of the river rushing over the rocks. As loud as the water was, it was peaceful and relaxing. Thatís what I think about to escape my surroundings for a while.

I also think about my next vacation, which hopefully weíll be to go white water rafting in the Grand Canyon or go to bike week in Sturgis and see Mount Rushmore and the Black Hills. I know thatíll be years away but that is what keeps me going, at this point all I can do is dream about my next adventure. If I try hard enough I can make it happen, all I can do is try. My hopes and dreams is what help me make it through the low points in life.

As bad as things get, they wonít stay that way forever if you just try to fight your way out of it. Iíve been through too much to know it doesnít last forever. Iíve had more help from family and friends then I ever had before, so I know it wonít last very long this time.

10-08-05, 09:06 PM
I'm going to play a little show and tell of what it looked like at my house after the storm. If you have any questions about a picture, please DO NOT quote the picture, right now I'm only connected at 14k and it took forever to upload the pics, aand if they are quoted too many times I won't be able to open the thread.

Picture #1, Here's the levee that protects a big portion of South Louisiana. When the snow melts up North the water comes up pretty high around here. that's why on the backside of the levee is cement. It keeps the water from eroding away at the levee. Just think, as high as this levee is, the storm surge pushed water over it in some areas. The blacktop on top of is for people to ride thier bikes and skate if they want to.


Picture #2, Here's just one of the trees that blew down across my driveway. It took almost three days to even make a hole big enough for us to get a car out of our drive way.


Picture #3 Another shot looking down the driveway towards my house, believe me, my house is back there, about another 500 feet back.


picture #4 Here's another pic showing how the wind just pushed everything over to one side. Again blocking my driveway. I have no clue where the white tin came from.


Picture #4, My wife and son standing by the roots of another damn tree that blew across my driveway.


Picture #5, My back yard. If look at the right you can see the corner of my house, those green specks are leaves that impregnated themselves into the siding from the wind.


....more pics later.

10-09-05, 04:59 PM
Here's my wife's car, once we got the tree off of it, the damage wasn't has bad as I thought it would be.


This is the shed where we had a lot of stuff stored. In the back left is an old two piece bar that my dad has been saving for years, I bet the thing was well over 150 years old. My wife also had her great grandmothers china in there. I also kept extra PC stuff and all my bussiness inventory in there. We all took a hit in one way or another when that tree crashed through it.


10-15-05, 02:35 PM
Damn :nope:

I'd still be in a daze from it all. What kind of condition is the rest of your house in RoundEye?

10-28-05, 02:46 AM
Torn trees...

I have a fact...

Nice Pic=Your Still Alive!

Cause you posted a pic cause, Cuzz? :rotfl:

16 years ago they used to call it wet rott

they stopped using copper comium arsenate five years ago, AC?DC?

11-20-05, 06:16 PM
shocking Round Eye,
My heart goes out to you. Took guts & courage to write/relive the events there, plus post pics.
Prayers go out to you.

11-22-05, 01:26 PM
Prayers go out too you!

Joint Chiefs of Staff
12-24-05, 01:41 AM
RoundEye and family...

Please try and have a Happy and Merry Christmas this year. Surround yourselves around friends and family.

God Bless,

01-06-06, 11:56 PM
So, what's the lastest?

01-27-06, 02:57 AM
My guess would be he picked up the pieces and moved on.