View Full Version : Manually decrease bandwidth?

05-14-00, 01:37 AM
Hello all,
BA DSL, was wondering if it was at all possible to limit bandwidth to something similar to a 56k modem? Basically for testing after uploading content to a site.

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.


12-29-00, 10:20 PM
just get a 56k modem and a free dialup account.

12-29-00, 10:46 PM
Find and install a dial-up patch for your computer.That will slow things down to a crawl.A commmon service call for my techs is to get a customer complaining of slow speeds.
Generally,after a little trouble shooting they find max downloads around 7-8Kb and a customer who has installed a dial-up patch before they had our service.Quick and easy fix for us! Hope it helps you in your research.

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