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06-09-00, 05:20 PM
I have cable modem and ADSL and both services came w/generic NICs. Cable modem came w/an SMC (never heard of them) and I can't remember which one came w/my DSL. I was wondering which 3Com NIC to get. I have seen Brent post the link for the new EtherLink® 10/100 PCI NIC with 3XP processor (model no. 3CR990-TX-97) and was wondering if it was worth the extra money compared to cheaper and more popular 3Com NICs such as the one w/Parallel Tasking II (model no. 3C905B-TX-NM).

Thanks in advance.

06-10-00, 12:28 AM
Recently I picked up a PCI 3C905btx to replace my ISA 3C509b. To be perfectly honest I dont see much if any of a difference in download speeds or online gaming pings.
I kinda wish I didnt go out and buy the new card. I hit my down cap of 320KBps TO GOOD SERVERS and ping in online games of UT anywhere from 30 to 70 on good servers and in Q3 from 25 to 50. These are pretty well the same speeds I got before when I was using the 3C509b. Oh well at least I eliminated any ISA cards from my PC since many new mobo's do not have any ISA at all.

Where you will see the most benefit from that 3C990 brand cards is if you run as a server. It makes use of extra memory on board and special instructions on the chip to offload instructions from the CPU.

You failed to mention your speeds. I wouldnt do anything if your speeds are good already. Why change whats working right?

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06-12-00, 04:29 PM
a NIC will never make you go faster then your ISP can provide you or faster then the bandwith you have there, all a better NIC does is use the bandwith you have more effenciently and help reduce CPU overhead, it can be a bottleneck to your speeds, but it will never make you go faster then your caped speed

the new TX-97 model is on the higher end of the scale, It's what I would buy but only because I'm a power Hungry speed freak! Also if you are running Win2k it will help the most

You can prolly get by by spending a little less and getting a step down from this one but still a 3com brand, their is another one with the 3xp processor belive, but I don't know which one off hand.

If you got the moneys to spend, go fer it, otherwise it's prolly overkill for the avrg. home user

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