View Full Version : Folder Sharing/security

03-04-05, 08:55 PM
I share folders on my laptop to transfer files to my home desktop via wireless network. I think my home wireless network is fairly secure, MAC filtered, WPA enabled. However, I was sitting in the coffee shop this morning wondering if others can see my shared folders when a guy sits next to me with his laptop and shortly after I see a few shared folders in my network places from his computer. I was looking at his "shared pics" and he could have been looking at mine. Not a huge security deal, but is there a way to secure this without selecting every folder and turning off sharing everytime I hook up to a public wireless network? How secure can I make my computer/files when connected to a public wireless just for surfing the net?

03-11-05, 07:12 PM
easiest way to do what you want is to use Zone Alarm firewall (they have a free one available) once installed you will open the interface and go to the FIREWALL section and then you will see you network adapter listed in there.........when you are at home set the adapter to be in the "TRUSTED" zone........while you are using a public hotspot or anywhere you want to keep you things private....set the adapter to the "INTERNET" zone.....this will stop file sharing and make your pc hidden as far as anyone elses network neighborhood is concerned.