View Full Version : AP question... repeater mode using 16db yagi

03-01-05, 03:08 PM
is this possible? The antenna is on top of a large building pointing towards the main router that is a WRT54G linksys the AP is set in repaeter mode with the Routers MAC cloned and all settings matched.

Curious if using an SMA/M to TNC/F adapter and hooking the antenna directly to the AP would allow correct function in repeater mode and give WiFi in the building and surrounding area. This is probably 250ft distance it has to go. Before the setup was a simple 802.11b router using the same antenna hooked into a wireless lan card directly and it worked perfect at near 90% connection strength.

is having the amped antenna connected to only one end of the AP going to cause trouble? I myself though it would work without error and went ahead and got the adapter ordered for the client but I hate surprises so i thought I would ask. as i am a wired guy myself. :)

thank you


03-04-05, 10:10 PM
well i come to find out i was wrong in the choice of adapter...

this is what one would need to accomplish this