View Full Version : Linksys Cable modem (BEFCMU10) & Router (WRT54G) connection problem

02-21-05, 05:04 PM
I have linksys's cable modem and wireless router but lately wireless router stop working. I've directly conect from cable mode to router and it is working fine. Once I connect router (cable mode-router-computer), there is no internet connection. computer is getting IP address like but no connection to internet. More weird behavior is that if I ping yahoo.com I get a result from DOS window. What is going on?

07-26-05, 04:41 PM
do you have the wireless routers DHCP disabled?

12-04-06, 02:26 AM
i noticed that for the internet to work on my ethernet network of 3 pcs and 3 xboxes on my wrt54G router, wireless must be enabled even if you are not using the wireless network...