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02-20-05, 11:45 PM
I need some help with my new wireless router. I have three pc's hooked up to the wireless-g router. Only one of them is wireless, the other two are on ports 1 and 2. Both the connected pc's are doing great. But the wireless pc is not so hot. It is connected, but when monitoring the status from the pc itself, it shows a gap of 1000-2000 packets. Is this normal? Also, my fiance plays World of Warcraft online and we want to be able to play from the wireless pc. So far, it works...but drops off alot. Usually get a disconnect 1 per hour. Last time we were on, the game was maintaining a latency of over 3000ms. We could walk around no problem without lag...but chat wouldn't register, spells wouldn't work...it was strange. Finally gave up playing and decided to try to find some help. He also likes to use teamspeak. I enabled those ports, for teamspeak and WOW for the wireless, but when we run both at the same time, we get massive program errors from WOW. Could this possibly be from a connectivity problem? We run the same setup on the other two computers and it works fine, just not from the new wireless pc. OH yes, also I have the router set up with 128bit encryption and use a restricted Mac address option for allowing only my wireless pc to connect.

Any suggestions and help would be wonderful, as its my fiance's birthday present and he hasn't been able to enjoy it yet! :(


03-24-05, 07:30 AM
I would check in to upgrading the Firmware on your router/AP and possibly the network card in your lap top. if you bought them more than a year apart you could be having compatibility problems with differant versions of firmware. I recently bought a Linksus router and found that 2 firmware upgrades had allready been released for it. as well as for all my other Linksys products, the upgrades made a big differance.

03-24-05, 09:05 AM
Upgrade firmware
What OS is the wireless PC? If it's WinXP, you have service pack 2, correct? Sp2 made a major difference in wireless setup and performance.
You using Windows to configure your wireless, or the Linksys utility?
SSID broadcasting or not?

If you're using the Teamspeak client, you don't need to open/forward ports for that. You'd only do that if you were running a Teamspeak server from your home, and wanted people to connect from the outside.