View Full Version : Is my ISB SOHO on its way out? blinking duplex light?

02-19-05, 09:41 PM
I was trying to take my ps2 online for Tiger Woods 05 online with a cat6 cable in port 3 but all I would get was a blinking Duplex LED. The manual says this happens when there is a collision state on the network, it happens when packets are being dropped or misdirected. "This is most often caused by duplicate IP addresses/gateways or extremely heavy traffic that's overloading the network."

The manual does say LEDs in the plural sense and only the 3rd port is blinking. I only have one PC(1st port) and one Xbox(4th) hooked to this this 4-port router...and the DHCP table shows they are not using the same IP. There no heavy traffic that I know of, just Xbox Live ATM and I tried the PC in the 3rd port=no go...a still blinking Duplex LED. I have the medium ADSL package from my provider and used to game with 2 PC's online .....the other day 2 Xboxs w/ 3 Live accounts active at once.

So maybe the 3rd port has went out? Ever since the port went out my router has seemed to become unstable and will crap out on whatever is hooked up to it. It will drop the connections for a while...or come and go. It seems a restart of the router fixes it for a good while. It's not my connec because I can hook modem straight to my PC and will work fine.

I finally noticed there was a new firmware released in December that fixed security issues and I hoped it would fix everything but it did not. I doubt Symantec would honor the 5 year warranty plus I never registered it so maybe my SOHO is on it's way out?

im so long winded but i hope someone can help.

02-20-05, 02:06 AM
Have you tried the "Hard reset" on it? I forget the steps for it, something about power cycling when tossing jumper switch #1.