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02-17-05, 06:41 PM
here is ideally what I would like
<img src="http://www.gyre.co.uk/images/microsoft_ics_2.png">

except except for a wired 'switch' i have my wireless router.

I have it set up like this because the router chokes my connection speed, and I do not want my PC to suffer in speed just so I can come home from to wirelessly connect my laptop.

I have internet connection sharing enabled on the main PC, going into LAN port 1 on the router.

The laptop (w/ wireless) gets an IP address, can see the network, but does get internet access.
The router also does not get internet access (since I cant search for a firmware update)

the weird part is, sometimes it does work. I've gotten it to work twice. Than I go to bed, work, and come home. AND BAMMO. nothing works again.

I've altered the router to have the IP address, because ICS demands that the second card have

Any help would be much appreciated, my boss is going to be mad when I'm not VPNing at night to finish my work!

02-18-05, 07:56 AM

I've narrowed the problem down to my ports not staying configured.

I have windows media center 2005, and an ASUS n78x delux mobo

my nvidia port is cable modem in

and my 3 com port is out to network

I ran the ICS wizard again, and I was able to get connectivity to my laptop (by connecting directly, I didnt feel like using the router at this point)

so why arent my settings sticking?

The Dude
02-19-05, 06:19 PM
I think I would ditch ICS and connect the wired PC to a LAN input on the router. The wired connection won't be restricted to the slower wireless speed and it will be much faster than the cable modems 10base-T simplex speed. Plus the desktop PC will then be on the right side of the routers firewall instead of being wide open to hackers and script kiddies.

02-27-05, 08:47 AM
I managed to get the original posters configuration to work, but I had to disable NAT and DHCP on the router.. which I assume turned it into a "wireless hub".

My issue now is that I cannot control or monitor who access my network. I have been persuing someone setting up control on my main computer.. as it is the ICS "host". No luck so far.

Good luck.