View Full Version : NxT1 bonding to obtain higher bandwidth

02-15-05, 02:02 PM
My service provider has given me a 4xT1 DIA solution and "claims" it is a 6 Mb pipe :rtfm: . I checked this claim on no less than 6 different speed test sites at different times of the day and can only get a max of 2.7 Mb DL speed. The provider said they won't support MLPPP or inverse MUX, but I had to settle for per packet load sharing (not balancing) on each of the 4 point to point T1's. My question is this...is anyone else using an NxT1 solution for DIA and if so how are you bonding them. I'd like to hear some speed test results (and sites used) and if you are using MLPPP, MUXing or just plain old per packet load sharing. I understand that the aggregate may be 6 Mb (if 5 or 6 of my servers are hitting different sites) but I need one server at a time to get 4 if not 5 Mb of DL speeds. Any URL's with white papers would be great!