View Full Version : Cisco 1600 dhcp pool

01-17-05, 12:28 PM
I am a cisco newbie and want to edit an existing dhcp pool but I do not know the pool name. How can i get a list of existing pool names and then edit the pools, or do i need to recreate them each time? Thanks

01-18-05, 02:02 PM
castle555, im assuming you have CLI access to the box as well as enable level privledges. To get the dhcp pool name and there stats you would use the following comman.

router# show ip dhcp database

This command will give you the address pool name, DNS servers, net bios servers, and/or any other information that has been statically defined for the DHCP pool on the router.

If for some reason this does not provide you with with the information you need you can allways just do a "show run" and you will get the entire router configuration.

Hope that helps,