View Full Version : region frequencies in 802.11g

01-17-05, 05:15 AM
Hi guys

I set up a 802.11g network at the weekend with 3 laptops and 2 pcs. One of the laptops has Intel's Centrino wireless support - the rest I used Netgear 311/511 G cards on - they all work fine - but the Centrino one drops to 1Mbs after about 10 mins no matter how close it is to the access point (which is also netgear) and then drops off completely after about 15mins. :confused:

I'm based in the UK - but this laptop was bought in the US and as it was setup already I didn't set the 802.11g region for the Centrino. So it occurred to me that it's probably set to US - which is a slightly different frequency to Europe(?) - so apart from possibly breaking the law I wondered whether this could be causing problems (or would it just not see the network at all). Probably a stupid question - but wifi is all new to me. I plan to upgrade the router firmware and centrino drivers anyway - but wanted to check this too.



02-10-05, 11:39 AM
I don't believe this is an issue. I have many users who travel to London (and the rest of the world) from the US all of the time and have no problems gaining 802.11g access. Remember, the 802.11 is a standard so the ranges of frequencies should be the same.