View Full Version : Toshiba A60 w/Atheros AR5004G to Linksys WAP55AG

01-11-05, 10:34 PM
Have a Linksys WAP55AG (dual band A+G), firmware 1.07, up and running with 128-bit WEP, channel 8. Palm Tungsten C with 802.11b connects fine, another Toshiba with Linksys WPC55AG adapter connects fine on 802.11g - up to 30 ft inside the house with VERY GOOD signal.

But, just bought a new Toshiba A60 with built-in Atheros Super G (AR5004G chipset), running WinXP Pro+SP2. Added the internal wireless adapter's MAC into the WPC55AG's list of allowed hardward addresses. Used Windows XP networking set up to up - define the SSID, enter the passphrase, etc. Wireless connections show the WAP as a security-enabled network, with a 5-bar (highest) signal level. Click on "Connect", type in the passphrase, and get "Waiting for the network..." while Windows attempts to connect to the WAP. Never gets there. The laptop is sitting only about 10 ft away from the box. Have tried it further away also. Very first thing I did was to verify that the little switch on the side of the new laptop does indeed have the wireless enabled - and the indicator light on the front of the laptop is glowing yellow.

I've hooked up the laptop (in a separate session, after disabling wireless temporarily) and done all the Windows updates and searched for new drivers and firmware for both Atheros and Linksys. Still no luck.

Would appreciate some clues, advice or warning.

01-28-05, 11:16 AM
I have almost the same problem as you do; the difference is I've been able to log into the network with maximum strength, (I appear as logged in to the net) but altough the number of sent packets keep growing, the # of received packets is always zero. I have tried to ping some external addresses without response. I've tried several different drivers with the same results.

01-31-05, 08:04 AM
Check your laptop. Is something like the Windows Firewall or Norton Internet Security set to block all incoming traffic? Can you browse to other PC's on your local network (do they appear in your Network Neighborhood or My Network Places) ?

02-06-05, 07:29 AM
I recently set up a dsl wireless networking system using a WAP54G Linksys Wireless-G Access Point router , and a WPC54GS Wireless-G Notebook Adapter with SpeedBooster, which was installed in my Toshiba Satellite laptop. After several hours of troubleshooting with various Linksys tech support reps, including 2 administrators, we were unable to get the laptop to work.
I asked several times if Windows SP2 might be causing the problem, and asked if I should uninstall it. This was never suggested by the tech support. After my last support call when they basically said there wasn't anything else they could try, I restored the Toshiba back to factory install using the recovery disk(Which was a Norton Ghost image, btw). I then installed the Wireless-G Notebook Adapter with SpeedBooster software, shut down, inserted the PC card, booted it, and it instantly recongized the network signal.
I then did a ghost image, installed Windows SP1, rebooted, and network still worked. I then created another ghost backup image, and installed WIndows SP2. Sure enough, the network signal was lost. So Windows SP2 created by wireless networking dilemma which I confirmed through a process of elimination.
I would try uninstalling WIndows SP2 to see if this is causing your problems as well. Of course, I realize that every network and hardware configuration is different, but it is worth a try.
cheers, ~pawprint~

04-03-06, 10:54 AM
You need to check also if the antivirus you have installed are blocking the communications. I used to have the same problem because of the Panda Antivirus. After uninstalling it, everything worked perfectly