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01-11-05, 05:11 AM
I currently bought a linksys 4 port cable/dsl router and tried to connect 2 computer to the internet, all the lights on the router and dsl modem are all green but nothing happens when i open a browser. i checked my network properties and it says im connected.

i am currently using SBC yahoo DSL
both computer are using win xp
i configured the router selecting PPoE and correctly putting in the user name and password.

do you have to put in a host name or domain name?

01-11-05, 07:23 AM
No, the host or domain sections do not need to be filled in with PPPoE DSL accounts. Host is used for some cable ISP setups. I've yet to come across a setup where domain need to be filled in.

TCP/IP on the workstations set to obtain automatically?
You're not using SBC's Connection Manager on the workstations, are you? Once you have a router in place, the router does all the PPPoE work, not the workstations anymore.
Internet Explorer connection settings, set to use LAN?
If you do Start==>Run==>IPCONFIG /ALL on one of your workstations, what information do you get?
Can you log into your routers web admin and see the status of the connection?

01-15-05, 10:37 PM
sorry for the late reply, but what do you mean Internet explorer set to use LAN? I click on connections and theres nothing that says LAN except for the LAN settings button. Also, my 2 computers would be connected through the router, but the next day it doesnt work. It seems that its just a matter of luck if i get to use the router or not. Another question i have is, ethernet or USB better to use, or does it make a big difference?

01-16-05, 12:05 PM
Internet Explorer...the connection setup. Run through the setup wizard on it. Also make sure "Never dial a connection" is selected.

Please review my other questions above and post the answer.

I've not had any issues regarding USB NICs. Use them quite often, yeah back in the Win95 and early Win98 days USB was still a bit flakey, but since 98se, and esp since 2K and XP...they're fine, absolutely fine, have used them quite literally hundreds and hundreds of times. For LAN transfers, yeah, technically USB NICs are slower compared to a good PCI NIC. For when you're just talking about an internet connection, more than enough headroom for broadband. I've sat there and compared download speeds on a 6 meg DSL connection, using a Netgear USB NIC, compared to a 3COM 905 NIC (PCI)...and all day long they'd download files from any download site I'd pull from at the same pace, to the limits of this 6 meg DSL pipe.

For hardcore games, the rule of thumb is have the best hardware for the lowest CPU utilization, so yeah a quality PCI NIC like a 3COM or Intel Pro is the choice there over USB.