View Full Version : How to build a wireless network over a 3000ac farm?

01-09-05, 10:42 AM
How's this for a challange? I'm a farmer from Australia and would like to setup a wireless network to access internet and my desktop computer from anywhere on my farm. My farm consists of a 2000ac block then another 1000ac 4 miles away. The 2000 ac's has a hill in the center of the block that gives line of sight to 95% of the 2000ac. The house and phone line(ISDN Internet out here :( ) is in a shallow valley about 1 mile from the hill, with a clear line of sight between them.

I am new to wireless networking and have just joined this forum to try and learn from the experts! Initially I just want to network the 2000ac's, but would like to setup a link to the 1000ac 4 miles away later. Again there is line of sight to the 1000ac block with a high point providing good line of sight over the 1000ac's.

On the 2000ac block the network radius required would be 3 miles max from the hill. There is not power at the hill.

Anyway, if someone could point me in the right direction of give me a couple of links to someone who's done something similar, I would greatly appreciate it. I done alot of googling but can't seem to find what I want so thought I'd give a forum a try.

02-11-05, 01:17 PM
I found this ... it talks about a similar situation to yours.
If nothing else it may give you some ideas.
Good Luck.