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01-07-05, 02:01 PM
I am realatively new to networking. At work we have a lab, which we use for testing and learning purposes. The lab consists of a windows 2003 server(domain controller), Red Hat linux 9.0, win2k, win nt, and a cisco 3640 router. Our lab is not on the internal network for security reasons. Our networking administration installed a wireless router to allow individuals in meetings to access the internet. My goal is to give the lab internet capabilities using the wireless conection. I want the lab to simulate a real lan environment as much as possible. To do this I purchased a netgear wireless ethernet bridge and connected it to our cisco 3640 router, which is then going to distribute the internet connection to the rest of the computers. The wireless router is assigning ip address dynamically. I have the wireless bridge set up to obtain an ip adress automatically. The default gateway for the bridge is The bridge is then connected to the fastethernet2/0 port on the cisco 3640 router. That port on the router has an IP address of the router is then connected to a hub through the ethernet0/0 port with an IP address of The windows 2003 server has an IP of and gateway of

Wireless bridge-->fa2/0-->eth0/0-->hub

When connecting to the wireless network using a laptop, you are automatically redirected to a web page with ip address of This page was created by our network guys and has a button for the user to click to connect to the internet. When using the setup in the lab and trying to access the internet, you are not automatically redirected to this page. If i type in the ip address, I get the connection screen and even though it says i am connected, I am not able to view any web pages. I have tried configuring the router many different ways. I think that I need to enable dhcp, but I am a little lost when it comes to creating dhcp pools.

I am sure there are lots of errors with my current setup. Any direction or advice will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!

01-08-05, 09:07 AM
:D Milwbr821 wellcome on SG Forum

'lab topology' & cfg can be compared with advices in :
Secure IOS Template Version 3.6 02 AUG 2004

for Cisco devices cfg can be used
Telconi Terminal http://www.telconi.com/mdown.html
(No installation required)

for advices can be seen both :

01-13-05, 02:29 PM
Milwbr821 for this to work correctly you will need to configure fastethernet2/0 of the router to belong to the same network as the bridge, and then config a default gateway on the 3640, and finally a DNS entry on your laptop.

Here are the commands

#conf terminal
#interface fa2/0
#no ip address 255.x.x.x (255.x.x.x = whatever you mask is)
#ip address 255.x.x.x (again 255.x.x.x = your mask, and assuming .100 is not in use your good to go)
#ip route
#write mem

That should get you going. Aswell you will need to statically configure the DNS servers on your workstations (DNS IP's will be the same as the IP's on your Prod LAN)

Hope that helps,