View Full Version : Fast sync rate.

10-08-00, 05:18 AM
Hi, I am using BellSouth Fastaccess and am aware that I live about 17,600 ft. away form my CO., but for
some reason, I get a sync rate at 1.4mbps - 6.1mbps, but when I run the tests, I only receive 1.3mbps. As of right now I am connected at 6,144,000, but most of the time its 1,472,000, Is there any way I will ever acheave those speeds ? I know I am limited to 1.5mbps, but if th
at is so... why do I get such a high sync Rate ?

Oh yeah, I know it is 6.1mbps because when I connect in win2k It doesen't give the exact speed, it gives estimates, it says exactly 6.1mbps.