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10-07-00, 09:22 PM
I got dsl a while back and just recently heard about your site. After about 2 hours of just surfing around your site, I couldn't tell which registry edits were for cable or DSL (Yeah, I don't know much about this whole cable, DSL stuff). Anyway, I live in San Diego, and have Pac Bell DSL PPPoE. I was wondering, what are the settings you guys use to get the best d/l speeds. The only edit I have done is the windows 98 PPPoE patch that is on this site. Please help. I hate this 84 kb/s (on a good day). I want something higher. Thanks a lot.

10-07-00, 11:24 PM
as far as which tweak to use, there is a registry tweak for PPPoE here (in the "patches" section) when i had PPPoE (Pacbell as well. i have ststic ip's now), i used it with great success. the pre-tweak numbers were roughly (was awhile ago) 650Kbps/104Kbps. after the tweak, i was getting 1150Kbps/110Kbps. quite a difference. i have manually done MTU/MSS tweaks to get a little more, but the difference was tiny. if you wanna try some specific MTU/MSS values, look in the "advanced tweaks" section here as well.

BTW, i am still with Pacbell, just i have a different DSL package than yourself. i had the PPPoE package before i changed over.

10-08-00, 09:14 PM
First off this was done last night get rid of Winpoet and try Enternet 300 its a hole lote faster then the winpoet. That is if your still using it.
Sinse you already have the pppoe patch from here you don't need much more.

The Speed guide Web patch works well.

make sure the Vtcp.386 update has been done.

Go check this thread the patch for pppoe from that works well with your connection its been set for pppoe

Theres alot of info here so take your time you've had your connection for a while now don't rush it and make sure you backup your registry



Cool J
10-09-00, 12:59 AM
no, use raspppoe. i use it and its great

10-09-00, 01:16 AM
You haventseen the new and very improved Enternet 300 yet have you. I used RASPPPoE it was better than Winpoet.
and Enternet 100 but this new version really has allot going for it like I said there is a Trial version

Originally posted by Cool J:
no, use raspppoe. i use it and its great

10-09-00, 03:17 PM
Thanks for the help! I downloaded enternet 300 and it's a lot better. Thanks