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10-07-00, 02:53 PM
I'm trying to get two computers connected through my @Home cable modem. I currently have one computer with 2 NICs. (The other computer only has 1 NIC.) In my original computer one NIC was used to connect to the Cable Modem. The other NIC was used to connect to my home network.

Now I want to connect everything through the Linksys Cable Router. Since it has a built in Hub I should be able to do this.

What I need to know is what information do I put in the Cable Router. When I log in I see the following:

Router Name, Domain Name, Obtain Address Automatically, Specify an IP Address, Subnet Mask, Default Gateway Address, and DNS.

I have most of this information, however when I enter it I can log into the other computers on my network, however I can't get out to the Internet.

My first thought was that I didn't need to remove the 2nd NIC card, however during my troubleshooting, NETDIAG reports my @Home IP Address associated with the 2nd NIC.

Any ideas would be great...



10-08-00, 11:26 PM
The modem goes into the WAN port on the router. Each computer only needs one NIC. I believe (not sure b/c I don't use a router to share my net connection) u need to enter in ur @home settings (the settings that u used on the NIC that the modem was originally attached to). My AT&T@Home is setup dynamically, so all I had to do on my server is enter in my computer name (given to me by @Home) and use "@home" as the workgroup. Anyway, then enable DHCP on the router and set ur computers up dynamically. I think that will do it. If not, I'm sure that someone who uses the Linky will correct me.

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10-09-00, 01:56 AM
In the Router name enter the computer name @home gave you cg-77xxxx-a something your might be totally different. In the Domain name enetr your subdomain name its on your sheet that @home should have gave you that has all the Ip,gateway etc... info. Disable any detect proxy settings and detect lan settings automatically in IE 5.0 under tools/internet options/connections/lan settings. Reboot the system and log on. Check out the review article on the Linksys router her on this site. You also will need to change your email pop server settings and that needs to be done before setting up the router. I forgot what the procedure is the exact commands but its covered in the review and written in the back of the Linksys manual under trouble shooting and accessing email. It very easy. Good luck

10-09-00, 01:57 AM
Oh leave everything else to auto detect http://www.speedguide.net/ubb/smile.gif