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10-07-00, 02:40 PM
Well, I got road runner yesterday.
The speed sucked until I used a patch.

Now, after some time like an hour, speed just drops to like an old 56k modem.

When I reboot the comp, I get fast connection.
What am I doing wrong???


10-07-00, 03:38 PM
Sounds Like you need more memory! Might be wrong! So hang in there someone else might know somthing different. Plus check all your connections. make sure your net work card is working right. If all else fails call rr and tell them what is going on. They wil be able to help you. Plus use win98default patch to remove the tweak .This might help to.

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10-08-00, 07:14 AM
Originally posted by Storm90:
Sounds Like you need more memory! ...
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It was the memory! j/k
I think 192MB is enough.
I gave 4mb to nic, too.

Without the patch, RR peformance was like 7kbytes. I called RR tech but they weren't available at the time, so I was hoping somebody could help me.
I'm still messing with all the different settings like reg and nic.

Also, I had to change file sharing etc settings. I was surprised that RR tech didn't even care to tell me such important setting. He came by my house on Friday 4pm, so i bet he was ONLY thinking about going home.

Anyway, I still haven't figure out on slowing down problem, so I would appreciate any help.

Cable Guy
10-08-00, 07:32 PM
192 sounds good,Try calling again im pretty much certain its not your puter,try replacing your nic card

Its the cable guy!