View Full Version : Help with a DC cable modem?

10-07-00, 09:38 AM

I just got a cable modem installed on Thursday (OOL- a Surfboard 3100). Since then, the speeds (1.5-3mbps/1mbps) and pings(20-30ms to yahoo) have been great (and no PL).
The problem I have is that after anywhere from 1 to maybe 4 hours my connection almost completely drops. By almost, I can still ping my gateway (about 10 ms :-) ) but nothing else. I've tried release/renew, and am able to re-aquire my IP. But, my connection does not change. Once I reboot, everything is fine again.
I did the registry tweaks suggested for MTU and RWIN. But, the problem was present before I did anything to my registry.
Anyone have any ideas? Even with this problem, I love my cable connection, but it would be a lot better if I wasn't always worried about disconnecting.
Thanks for any help,


ps I just noticed a guys post about DSL freezing from IE5.5 Well, I use IE5.0, so it shouldn't be a problem.

10-07-00, 09:45 AM
Sounds like a bad modem my toshiba did that to before they replaced it..