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10-07-00, 07:17 AM
Here it is .......

I am trying Bell Sympatico HSE for a month; I installed the system using their new access manager version 1.4 to fix the ME compatability thing. When I goto House of Blues.com I try ti watch streaming video at 300K and it is choppy and stuttery. Viewed same clips prior to installing Bell on my @Home service ...... any ideas. I should add that if I use the Real Player option it's fine at 300K but the Windows Media Player option is causing the stuttering. Checked all of the option tabs and it looks good

Thanks in advance


10-07-00, 01:12 PM
Access Manager 1.4 with the Windows ME fix.
Where you get that from? The still post the old one.

10-07-00, 07:26 PM
ATTN Sniffy:
www.sympaticousers.org (http://www.sympaticousers.org)

10-08-00, 12:04 AM
Thanks for the link. I too have the same problem with Windows Media Player at 300k. Realplayer works great at that speed. I use Realplayer as much as I can when given the choice. When I had cable I was using 700k depending on the time of day (more like night) and that was at a real narrow window. I know it's not much of an answer but at least you're not alone.

10-08-00, 11:40 AM
After a slow night of fragging I decided to work on this problem. I found the solution and all works great at 300k. At least for me. Before I can go on I got to know if you're using the reg tweak that's on that Sympatico page?

10-08-00, 11:47 AM
No I amnot using it .... please share your fix with me


10-08-00, 11:44 PM
First go and get the patch. Open tweakreg and
change DefaultRcvWindow, to "65535" and MaxMTU to "1492" Need I tell you to save your reg first. You need to use that Sympatico patch cause the rest of it works great. If you can't do this I'll mail you the file.